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Rainbow Six Siege developers reveal Singapore map delay

Players may have to wait to see the next Siege map.

During the Six Invitational, Ubisoft stated that the Year 7 roadmap would be revisited every season to keep players informed and up to date. True to their word, developers have dropped a major roadmap update over the holiday weekend. 

Creative Director Alexander Karpazis explained that Emerald Plains was met with positive reception from the Rainbow Six Siege community. To "build on that momentum," developers have decided to make a big change to Season 3. 

The next map will be more ambitious, said Karpazis, meaning it won't be coming until Season 4 now instead of its original Season 3 date. 

"This will give [Singapore] more time and more love to make it bigger and bolder than any map you've seen before in Rainbow Six Siege," Karpazis said. 

Rainbow Six Siege community responds to Year 7 roadmap update

It appears that the Rainbow Six Siege community isn't impressed with this update. Almost every reply on Twitter is from fans begging developers to focus on various in-game issues instead of new content. 

"It’s so hard to look forward to any new season or year coming out for siege. The same problems with the game are still there and always will be. You all need to go and fix the game and stop trying to work around it geez," one fan tweeted. 

"Dear Ubisoft, in the new season how about you actually fix some issues like, I don’t know, maybe the fact that all my operator skins get removed just by loading up the game," wrote another. 

Added another: "So are yall gonna mention the disconnection issues on Xbox." 

What is the next map in Rainbow Six Siege?

The next map coming to Rainbow Six Siege is a Team Deathmatch map located in Greece. It's currently on the Test Servers as part of the Operation Vector Glare update. 

The next map is set in Singapore. While it was revealed months ago on the Year 7 roadmap, there is currently not much public information about this map. There have been some rumors and possible teasers, however, including a short that shows Nighthaven's base. 

While the Singapore map could take place at a location inspired by what we see in this trailer, it's still unclear what the map will be like until developers give some official updates.