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"Siege is here to stay": Y7 Roadmap, changes to esports, Shooting Range, new Battle Pass types revealed

Here's how the next year is going to look.

Y7 is promising the world, and the expectation is that it will be huge. Here’s every big announcement from the Y7 Roadmap for Rainbow Six Siege. 

Esports: Major locations, R6 Share changes, and SI changes

Starting in 2024, the Six Invitational will not be geo-locked to Montreal. It will travel the globe, as it has in the past two years before the COVID-19 pandemic. There's also a chance it will move around as early as 2023. 

Also, the regions for each Major in the 2022 category have been revealed. Here are the regions for each Major:

  • May: NA
  • August: EU, a chance of ME
  • November: APAC

According to a post from the official Ubisoft Esports website, the May Major will be in the United States, the August Major will be in the United Arab Emirates, and the November Major will be in Asia. 

There will be only two tiers in R6 Share from this point onward, and there will be 15 teams in the top tier of the program. The goal is to get more items in the store for sale for teams. Teams will receive 50 percent of the revenue from R6 Share instead of the previous 30 percent.

There will be team-based operator background cards to represent your favorite teams. 

Siege's spectator mode will finally get a "Free Cam" to improve the watchability of the esports product. 

There will be more information coming up in future updates.

Playlist improvement: Ranked 2.0, permanent Arcade modes

There’s going to be a new system for Ranked that will do away with placement games. You will start in Copper and work your way up, keeping in mind that every tier will be divided by a mere 100 MMR. This feature is expected to ship in S3. 

You will get all rewards from previous ranks now. 

Additionally, permanent Arcade modes will come to the game in S4, rotating every week to keep them fresh. 

New R6 battlepass concepts

There will be a full year pass and individual season battlepasses. The split is meant to accommodate people who preferred the old system while still keeping the battlepass structure in place.

Privacy mode, reputation system

The Privacy mode, or streamer mode, will make its way into the game in S1. The reputation system will be deployed over S3, with several updates to how the system punishes those who commit friendly fire, and S4 will give in-game rewards for successful reports. In S3, you’ll be able to report players from within the match replay system. 

New player onboarding

New players will have access to a shooting range, akin to something you’d see in VALORANT or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. There will also be efforts to help onboarding with in-game operator tips, which will show how different gadgets work. 

Console experience

Console players now have a dedicated team at Ubisoft with their experience in mind. How recoil works will fundamentally change on consoles, and Ubisoft is “working on” a FOV slider for consoles. 

Also — finally — Match Replay will come to consoles. 

Shooting range

A shooting range will be added into the game at some point over the year to test out attachments and practice recoil control. The target for this change is S2. 

Highlighted country, operator origin rotation for Y7

Here are the nationalities of each operator coming during Year 7. 

  • S1: Japan
  • S2: Belgium
  • S3: Singapore
  • S4: Colombia

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