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Live updates for new Team Deathmatch Greece map in Rainbow Six Siege

More info is on its way.

Rainbow Six Siege has confirmed that a new Team Deathmatch map is coming. The initial announcement showed off some locations around the map as well as the country where it's set. But not much else was shared about the new map, leaving Rainbow Six Siege players hungry for more. 

Ubisoft stated that more information would be coming out about the new map on May 22. Here is what we know so far as we await more information about Rainbow Six Siege's next map. 

When is the new Team Deathmatch map coming to Rainbow Six Siege?

The next map is coming to Rainbow Six Siege as part of Operation Vector Glare. This plan was previously outlined in the Year 7 roadmap. Operation Vector Glare doesn't have a release date yet, but players speculate that it will arrive at the end of May or in early June based on previous season patterns. 

What is the new Team Deathmatch map lore in Rainbow Six Siege?

The unnamed map is located in Greece. Greece is where the Tournament of Champions was recently held in-game, making this area a big part of the game's lore. 

The Tournament of Champions was held in Greece in 2020, pitting a bunch of operators against each other to be the last squad remaining. The Tournament of Champions took place in an arena inside of a green stadium full of structures inside a track and a large, cheering crowd. This most likely will help shape the new Team Deathmatch map. 

What are the key locations in the new Team Deathmatch map?

This new map is still a bit of a mystery. So far, only one image has been shared. Colorful and compact, it looks a bit similar to the Tournament of Champions setup. Even Ubisoft has called it "close quarter" in the teaser tweet, meaning there will probably be a lot of up close combat.

Like most Siege maps, however, it won't be straightforward. A stairwell indicates two floors. It also has bulletproof glass in some buildings that won't be breakable. This will create tight, intense locations that are high-stakes, high-reward. 

What is the best strategy for the new Team Deathmatch map? 

This is unknown so far. But it wouldn't be a stretch to predict that flanking will be important in this tight map. Unsuspecting teams won't be able to escape when cornered thanks to the unbreakable windows and tight buildings.