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Rainbow Six Siege confirms new Team Deathmatch map located in Greece

A new map is coming to Rainbow Six Siege!

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Just as Ubisoft indicated in Rainbow Six Siege's Year 7 Roadmap, Y7S2 will include a Team Deathmatch map.

Now, developers have finally confirmed some new information about the highly anticipated map ahead of Operation Vector Glare.

What is the new Team Deathmatch map in Rainbow Six Siege?

Located in Greece, the Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming map will be officially unveiled on May 22nd, the same day the Charlotte Major Grand Final will take place.

This map has been designed exclusively to be played on Team Deathmatch, a Rainbow Six Siege game mode that players mainly use to improve their aim or to warm up before playing rankeds.

Although we just have one picture, nothing can stop us from taking some very quick conclusions. First, the map is very colorful and bright, so players won't be able to speak about skins blending into it. We have seen the community on many occasions complaining about the characteristics of Villa or Favela.

Secondly, it doesn't look like a small map. We can easily spot a pair of staircases, which lead to some kind of basement. With two different levels, players will have the option to roam around the map.

Finally, we can't see any window on the map. Indeed, we can see the bulletproof glass in the tower, but that's not breakable. It's going to be interesting to see how the concept is welcomed by the community.

Can I play the new Team Deathmatch map now?

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No, the Team Deathmatch new map won't be able until the release of Operation Vector Glare. The release date isn't official yet, but we expect the new map to come out in June.

If you play on PC, it's very likely that Ubisoft gives players the chance to try out the new map in the Test Server. If that's the case, we highly encourage you to play the new map when the time comes, as Ubisoft will possibly need all the feedback possible from the community!

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