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What maps can be played on Team Deathmatch?

You can now play Team Deathmatch on five different maps.

With the launch of Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Demon Veil, a new playlist hit the live version of the game: Team Deathmatch. 

A playlist is a set series of maps that are randomly selected for each match. Team Deathmatch now has its own list of playable maps, each bringing a different challenge to this headshot-happy game mode. 

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What maps can be played on Team Deathmatch?

As of now, only five maps are featured on Team Deathmatch. Favela, Theme Park, and Villa were the three initial maps, while Coastline and Emerald Plains were added with the launch of the Y7S1.2 patch

It is difficult to say what map is the best fit for this game mode. However, it might be a good idea to focus on Emerald Plains, since playing Team Deathmatch there can be a good way to learn the map's spots and calls. 

Although we don't officially know if more maps will be introduced on Team Deathmatch's map pool, we expect Ubisoft to add some more in the upcoming months. We could even see a map pool rotation, just like with Quick Match. 

What is Team Deathmatch in R6 Siege?

Team Deathmatch is a game mode where players can get into gunfights almost instantly. Players often use Team Deathmatch as a way to improve skills such as aim or game sense. It is also used as a warmup before playing Ranked. 

Team Deathmatch's rules make this playlist unique. 

First, this is the only game mode in Rainbow Six Siege where players can respawn. Teams fight for who gets the highest number of kills, as each kill is a point on the scoreboard. Also, to avoid toxicity, Friendly Fire is disabled. 

Secondly, players have an infinite loadout. Everyone uses the very same loadout, and unique abilities are disabled. Plain and simple, no Finka boosts here. No Lion's scanning. No traps. Only bullets. 

Also, players can pick any operator in the game regardless of if it's an attacker or a defender. However, there are some exceptions: shield operators have been removed from the playlist. 

Last but not least, multiple players can pick the same operator. This means that you could see, for example, 10 Caveiras in the same lobby. Sounds crazy, right?

If you feel like your aim should be better in Rainbow Six Siege, what are you waiting for? Team Deathmatch is waiting for you!