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Operation Vector Glare new operator Sens disappoints after just one day in the game

It's not about how it begins but about how it ends.

Is Sens good?

Overall, Operation Vector Glare has been received with excitement. Year 7 Season 2 brings new content, including a new operator called Sens. However, just two days into the season, players are already complaining about them. 

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Is Rainbow Six Siege's operator Sens good?

It's too soon to tell, but players have already started to complain. It's true, Sens' operator gadget looks great, but Sens' weapon kit doesn't. As of now, they don't really fit the current meta.

Firstly, players have pointed out Sens' weapon. The POF-9 is an assault rifle with 50-bullet magazines. Although that sounds great, its recoil has spoiled everyone's fun. The gun is very difficult to control, especially for controller players.

Players have mainly complained about it on Reddit. Wolves Esports' assistant coach Louis "Helbee" Bureau pointed it out on Twitter, with other professional players replying with similar opinions. 

If the POF-9 is such a headache, then players should go for the 417 Marksman Rifle. It has access to an x3.0 scope, and we promise you it ain't a bad weapon. However, it's not a fully automatic gun. 

Another complaint from players is that Sens is a three-health, one-speed operator. This means that Sens is slow. Very slow... and loud. After all, they are a support whose main task is to use their gadget to help the team. That's it. 

In fact, this season we haven't seen players "fighting" to play Sens. Usually, players always try to pick the new operator to be the first to try it out before they are selected by a teammate. That didn't happen with such intensity with Operation Vector Glare.

Without a convincing kit and grenades, combined with the fact they is a three-health, one-speed operator, it produces an unusable operator on ranked modes. Meanwhile, Sens will probably seen in very-specific situations due to the gadget they bring to the battlefield. 

How to play Sens

Sens is an operator whose gadget frees some kind of green smoke that can give players some extra cover. It can be very useful if you are playing Bomb. 

Considering Sens' loadout, we would say it's about how much you think Sens can bring to the battlefield. Sens' gadget can be replaced with smokes, but Sens' gadget has a wider range.

Use them as a support and use the gadget when your team wants to rush the site. That extra cover can make the difference. And remember, a "bad gun" can kill as well.

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