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Y7S2 Mid-Season Roadmap Update: Finka tweak, new competitive map, cheat reports & impact EMPs coming in Y7S3

Rainbow Six Siege's Year 7 Roadmap has been updated.

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Rainbow Six Siege has released more information about the status of this year's roadmap. It includes important updates on future maps, updates, cheater reports, and the introduction of new gadgets.

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Finka to be tweaked in Y7S3

Finka will be nerfed in Y7S3 though, the Ubisoft team is exploring its options. The community constantly complains about Finka's impact in the game, as her importance in the meta is felt to be overbearing nowadays.

Ubisoft also released a statement regarding the lack of a mid-season patch. "The changes that will now come with Y7S3 interlock with one another in such a way that we feel the best way to experience and adapt to them is as a single package. One change that players can look forward to as part of this update is the addition of impact EMP grenades to some Operators' loadouts."

New competitive map

A new competitive map will be added with the launch of Y7S3.

With the release of Operation Vector Glare, Rainbow Six Siege revealed that Y7S3's new map would be pushed back to Y7S4. Now, the team has decided to release a map that the community "have already played before, it was part of an event, and you have never seen it in comp".

Possibility to send Cheat Reports from match replays to be introduced with Y7S3

Rainbow Six Siege has confirmed that players will be able to send Cheat Reports from match replays with Y7S3.

Ranked 2.0 delayed to Y7S4

Rainbow Six Siege's Ranked 2.0 has been delayed to Y7S4. According to Ubisoft's statement, the team feels like it needs more time.

The Reputation System has also been delayed to Y7S4, alongside the Reputation Score.

EMP grenades to be launched with Y7S3

EMP grenades will be launched alongside Year 7 Season 3. Ubisoft is planning a big package of updates for the upcoming season, including changes to weapons and operators.

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