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XDefiant preseason: Everything you need to know

Here's when XDefiant preseason gets underway

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On the hunt for the latest XDefiant preseason information? We've got you covered.

Following numerous delays, XDefiant is finally here but before Season 1 gets underway, Ubisoft has announced a preseason where players can get to grips with the gun list, game modes, and maps available in the arena shooter.

Find everything there is to know about XDefiant preseason including the start date, its duration, and what the developers have in store.

What is XDefiant preseason?

Preseason is the start of the XDefiant cycle where players can familiarize themselves with all of the mechanics on offer. Ranging from gunplay to movement, Ubisoft has attempted to recapture the magic of arena shooters from yesteryear.

Ubisoft has ensured XDefiant preseason has plenty of content with several battlegrounds, a trial run of Ranked Play, and more available before the opening season of post-launch content commences. Preseason is also the perfect time for Ubisoft to iron out any issues before XDefiant truly gets started.

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XDefiant preseason start date

XDefiant preseason commences on May 21st, 2024, coinciding with the worldwide launch of the game. Preseason lasts for six weeks before the first season introduces a new faction, new weaponry, and new maps to master.

XDefiant preseason content

XDefiant preseason contains the following content:

  • 24 weapons
  • 44 weapon attachments
  • 14 maps
  • 5 game modes
  • 5 factions

Alongside all of the content to play, Twitch drops are also active providing players with further opportunities to expand their inventory. Ranging from weapon skins to XP boosters, earning useful items has never been easier.

That's all there is to know about XDefiant preseason. For more, check out the best controller settings and the best ACR loadout for mid-range combat.

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