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XDefiant game modes list

Here's the full list of XDefiant game modes

Mastering the XDefiant game modes is a surefire way of topping the scoreboard every single time. 

Ubisoft's arena shooter contains several game modes that require players to select a combination of factions to gain the upper hand over the opposition. Ranging from some original ideas to modes found in most FPS titles, XDefiant has match types to suit newcomers and seasoned veterans.

In this guide, find everything about the XDefiant game modes along with how they work.

All XDefiant game modes

Below is a list of all confirmed XDefiant game modes so far: 

  • Escort
  • Zone Control
  • Domination
  • Occupy
  • Hot Shot

Although there are only five game modes so far, Ubisoft has already confirmed more game modes will arrive as part of its post-launch plans. We don't know exact details of the new modes yet, but we will be receiving new arena and progression modes.

Arena modes include Hot Shot, Domination, and Occupy and have a focus on controlling static objectives to secure the victory. The positions of the objective enable teams to control the map and lock the opposition into specific areas with their favorite weapons from the gun list.


Escort involves players moving a robot to its final destination while the other team attempt to halt their progress. Checkpoints along the route adjust the spawn points for both team as the robot gets closer to the finish line. Teams win by either moving the robot to the end goal or if the defending team can stop them.

Zone control

Zone Control sees players either attacking or defending multiple control points on a map. When a zone has been captured by the attackers, the objectives move further into the map until one manages to control the entire battlefield.


This may sound familiar to seasoned FPS players. Domination features three flags on a map. Teams are tasked to take control of the flags to score points. The team that reaches the score limit the fastest is declared the winner.


Like Domination, Occupy will also sound familiar. Occupy sees a single point change location during a match. Those in control of the zone will score points but if both players are in the point at the same time, the scoring stops. The team with the most points when time runs our or the score limit is reached is the winner.

Hot Shot

Resembling the Kill Confirmed mode from Call of Duty, players have to eliminate opponents and collect the bounty token to score a point. Although it's a somewhat simple formula, Hot Shot delivers plenty of fast-paced gameplay. 

When more game modes are revealed, we'll be sure to update the guide with everything there is to know.

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