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XDefiant Season 1: Release date, weapons, more

Here's all the intel on XDefiant Season 1

Although the cycle is in its infancy, attention is already turning towards the XDefiant Season 1 release date

After long delays, Ubisoft's arena shooter is finally out in the open and thanks to the year one roadmap, players are already looking ahead to see what the developer has in store for the game's first batch of post-season content. With new weaponry arriving to the gun list, we've got all of the early intel on the update.

In this guide, find everything about the XDefiant Season 1 update including its release date, new weaponry, maps, and more.

XDefiant Season 1 release date

After Ubisoft announced the first season will start six weeks after preseason, we expect XDefiant Season 1 to begin on July 2, 2024

The developer also confirms a new season will go live every three months taking the total number of seasons for the game's opening year to four.

XDefiant Season 1 content

Thanks to the information Ubisoft has already provided, there's already a lot of intel on what Season 1 has in store. Here's a closer look at what's on its way during the opening season:

  • Ruby faction
  • 3 weapons
  • 3 maps 
  • 90-tier battle pass

Other than its codename, little is known about the Ruby faction and which title Ubisoft has taken inspiration from to create it. Not much is known about the new weaponry or maps either. As soon as we hear more about the Season 1 content, we'll update the guide with the latest intel.

XDefiant Season 1 battle pass

The Season 1 battle pass contains 90 tiers of content which is slightly smaller than its rival shooter titles that utilize a similar method for players to unlock content. 

Despite this, we expect it to contain a wealth of cosmetic items ranging from weapon camouflages to skins for numerous factions. Once more details emerge, we'll be sure to share all the intel right here. 


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