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XDefiant Year 1 roadmap: Everything you need to know

Here's a closer look at the XDefiant Year 1 roadmap

XDefiant player wearing grey mask and headphones

Looking for information surrounding the XDefiant Year 1 roadmap? We've got everything you need to know. 

Ubisoft's long-awaited arena shooter is finally here and as players continue to master the gun list and the wide variety of factions, the developer is already turning its attention to post-launch content and its first 12 months are jam-packed with content. 

In this guide, find all the intel on the XDefiant Year 1 roadmap and what the developer has in store.

XDefiant Year 1 roadmap content

Following Ubisoft's official reveal of XDefiant, the developer has unveiled its plans for the first year of the game cycle. The first year will feature four seasons that will contain a new faction, three new weapons, three new maps, and a battle pass featuring 90 tiers of content.

In addition to the factions, maps, and weaponry, new Arena and Progression game modes will arrive to inject a breath of fresh air into the existing selection.

XDefiant season themes

Each XDefiant season will be inspired by the 'iconic worlds of Ubisoft,' meaning a number of familiar faces from other titles will make an appearance on the virtual battlefield. Factions inspired by Splinter Cell, Far Cry, and more are already in the game and it will be interesting to see which universe the developer visits next for its seasonal updates.

When is XDefiant Season 1?

Ubisoft hasn't shared details on when XDefiant Season 1 will begin. However, we expect it to end shortly after the Preseason period comes to an end. 

Once more information on Season 1 and the Year 1 roadmap appears, we'll update the guide with everything you need to know.


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