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How to unlock MDR in XDefiant

Here's how to get the MDR assault rifle in XDefiant

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Knowing how to unlock the MDR in XDefiant is essential intel for players wanting to expand their weapon arsenal.

XDefiant is finally here and Ubisoft is already adding new weaponry to its gun list. Before Season 1 gets underway, a preseason takes place enabling players to master the maps and game modes on offer.

Find everything there is to know about how to unlock the MDR in XDefiant in this guide.

How to get MDR in XDefiant

The MDR is arriving to XDefiant as part of the preseason battle pass, one of the first opportunities for players to earn a wealth of rewards ranging from faction skins to player animations that add some extra flair to the character behavior.

With 50 tiers of content to unlock, the MDR appears in one of the tiers. Simply reach the specified tier and the MDR is another option for players to use.

Is the XDefiant MDR pay to win?

No, the MDR appears in one of the free preseason battle pass tiers meaning all players can unlock the assault rifle without having to spend anything. This is great news for those wondering if the weapon was locked behind a paywall.

Is the XDefiant MDR meta?

With the cycle in its early stages, it's hard to tell where the MDR fits into the ever-changing XDefiant meta. As an assault rifle, the rifle excels in mid-range combat but with plenty of stiff competition, players will have to decide if it can compete with the ACR and M4A1.

That's all there is to know about how to unlock the MDR in XDefiant. For more, check out our other guides showcasing the best controller settings along with the latest Season 1 information.

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