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Rainbow Six Siege releases Zero Elite Bundle, 'Third Echelon'

Zero's Elite Bundle inspired by the Splinter Cell Trilogy is here!

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Rainbow Six Siege has released an Elite Bundle for Zero, inspired by the original Splinter Cell Trilogy.

Zero was released in Rainbow Six Siege with the launch of Operation Shadow Legacy. Zero's real name is Sam Fisher, but he's more known by his codename Zero. You can unlock Zero with 15,000 Renown or 360 R6 Credits.

During the last few months, Rainbow Six Siege has been releasing a bunch of Elite Bundles, including the following:

For more information about Zero, make sure to check out our Zero operator guide!

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Zero Elite Bundle: Third Echelon

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Zero has finally got his own Elite Bundle!

Zero's Elite Bundle is inspired by the original Splinter Cell Trilogy. The Elite Bundle Third Echelon is now available in Rainbow Six Siege's store for 2,100 R6 Credits. You will enjoy a 10% discount if you own the Premium Battle Pass.

Is Zero good in Rainbow Six Siege?

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Zero is a Rainbow Six Siege attacker. He was introduced in Siege with the release of Operation Shadow Legacy.

Zero is a situational attacker. He can be used in today's meta, but his gadget and his special cameras are very specific tools.

Players usually pair Zero's two Hard Breach Charges with his four cameras. Combined with his loadout, he is very useful in large maps like Bank or Border. His two Hard Breaches are also used to open hatches, so maps with plenty of these suit Zero's role.

As of now, we think that Zero is a Situational operator. We have placed him in this category in our Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 4 Attacker Tier List, which is currently led by Thermite, Sledge, Iana, and Thatcher.

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