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Rainbow Six Siege releases Flores Elite Bundle inspired by Assassin's Creed's Altaïr

Altaïr is the Master of Assassins in Assassin's Creed.

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Rainbow Six Siege has now released the Flores Elite Bundle. The Argentinian's Elite Bundle is inspired by the popular Assassin's Creed character Altaïr, the Master of Assassins.

Recently, Rainbow Six Siege had partnered with NieR to release Elite Bundles for Iana and Maverick. The announcement came during the Six Jönköping Major, which took place between Nov. 21 and Nov. 27.

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Flores Assassin's Creed Elite Bundle

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Flores' Assassin's Creed Elite Bundle Master Assassin is now available in Rainbow Six Siege's game store. You can acquire it for 2,160 R6 Credits, a number that's be reduced to 1,944 R6 Credits if you already own the Premium Battle Pass.

Who is Flores in Rainbow Six Siege?

Flores is an Argentinian operator who was released in Rainbow Six Siege on Mar. 2021 with the launch of Operation Crimson Heist.

Flores is an attacker and he brings the RCE-Ratero Charges to the battlefield. These are a special type of drone, which explode when Flores triggers them. Once he starts using one of his RCE-Ratero Charges, Flores has up to 10 seconds to decide where to trigger it. After 10 seconds, the drone automatically blows up -- unless it is shot, blown up, or muted.

Despite his low presence in the game, Flores is a strong operator in Rainbow Six Siege. His drones are very useful, especially at soft destruction and utility cleaning. He can also be equipped with stun grenades or claymores, which make him an even more useful operator.

Flores' main weapon is the powerful AR33, which is better known as one of Thatcher's guns. As such, Flores and Thatcher could be some of the best supports in the game right now.

Flores has four RCE-Ratero Charges. He also has access to two standard drones, which makes him a very valuable operator for intel-gathering functions. He really is a good addition to any attacking lineup!

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