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How to unlock XDefiant Faction characters

Here's how to unlock all XDefiant Faction characters

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Want to know how to unlock all XDefiant Faction characters? This guide has everything there is to know.

Ubisoft’s shooter contains an extensive collection of factions that each have a unique set of abilities capable of turning the tide of a match one way or the other. Within each class is a trio of characters for players to unlock which is great for those that want to grind their way through all of the game’s unlocks.

Find out how to get all XDefiant Faction characters and their challenge requirements in this guide.

XDefiant Faction character unlock challenges

During preseason, there are eight Faction characters players can unlock by completing specific tasks to use them across a variety of maps and game modes. Without further ado, here are all of the XDefiant Faction characters players can unlock and the challenges required to do so:

  • Beto - Heal 5,000 to Allies with the BioVida boost
  • Gorgon - Block 10,000 damage with the Mag Barrier
  • Green - Score 50 Incinerator Drone kills
  • Kersey - Score 40 kills with the Firebomb
  • Rafa - Score 50 assists while using the Intel Spot Suit
  • Rhino - Score 25 kills with the Blitz Shield
  • Samir - Score 100 kills while using the Digital Ghillie Suit
  • Seleste - Heal 5,000 to Allies using El Remedio

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All eight challenges are tied to the abilities each class possesses. With Season 1 introducing a brand-new Faction, there’s a high chance Ubisoft adds more characters to the roster. Once we hear more about any new characters and their unlock requirements, we’ll update the guide with everything there is to know.

That’s everything about how to unlock XDefiant Faction characters. For more, check out our guides showcasing the best M4A1 loadout along with the best M44 loadout for long-distance duels.

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