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XDefiant classes list: All factions and abilities

Here are all of the classes available in XDefiant

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Mastering each of the XDefiant classes is a great way of learning all of the abilities that can turn the tide of a match in your favor.

Ubisoft's arena shooter is finally here and with several factions to select, each of them have a distinct set of abilities to suit all styles of play. On top of that, the gun list contains plenty of weaponry to use across a variety of maps and game modes.

In this guide, find details on all XDefiant classes and how their abilities influence gameplay.

All XDefiant classes

Here's the full list of XDefiant classes so far:

  • Libertad
  • Phantoms
  • Echelon
  • Cleaners
  • DedSec

Also known as factions, each of the classes in XDefiant specializes in a specific role. Players must choose which class they want to represent before loading into the action. For example, Phantoms are excellent for pushing an objective thanks to their abilities.

Striking a balance between teammates is important too. It's no good having everyone representing the Cleaners with nobody to perform any healing. Make sure there's at least one or two members of each class for maximum versatility.

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Inspired by the rebels from Far Cry 6, the Libertad specialize in medical abilities and are capable of healing you and your teammates throughout a match. Here's a full list of Libertad abilities:

  • Espíritu de Libertad - Slowly heals you and nearby teammates
  • El Remedio - Heals allies until it's either destroyed or canceled
  • BioVida Boost - Boosts total health and regeneration for you and nearby teammates
  • Médico Supremo - Provides a large wave of health and a healing boost for a limited time.


The ex-Ghosts from Ghost Recon have returned to the battlefield in XDefiant. With plenty of defensive abilities, this class is perfect for keeping control of an objective. Here are all of the Phantom abilities:

  • Blitz Shield - Equip a shield to block incoming gunfire and to melee enemies
  • Hardened - Increases base health
  • Mag Barrier - Blocks incoming gunfire and grenades
  • Aegis - A plasma shield equipped with an electro-scattergun for close-range combat


Echelon are expert spies from the Splinter Cell series and provide an element of stealth in amongst the action of an XDefiant match. These abilities are excellent for getting behind enemy lines to deal huge damage:

  • Low Profile - Player doesn't appear on enemy minimaps
  • Digital Ghillie Suit - Turns a player almost invisible with movement and aiming reducing the effect
  • Intel Suit - Reveals the location of enemies to teammates
  • Sonar Goggles - Reveals enemy location and hunt enemies with the Third Echelon 5.7 pistol.

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The hacking experts from Watch Dogs 2 are also in XDefiant. Their abilities are solid options for turning the tide of a match and to disrupt the flow of any opponents on a hot streak:

  • Fabricator - After a device is deployed, it makes a new one
  • Hijack - Hack enemy abilities to make them your own
  • Spiderbot - Deploys a SpiderBot that will target and stun enemies by jumping on their faces
  • Lockout - Disables the enemy HUD, minimap, and abilities in affected areas of the map


The Cleaners from The Division are here to keep things spotless. With fire as their solution to any problem, they're the ideal class for launching offensive plays onto enemy-controlled objectives:

  • Incendiary Rounds - Inflict additional burn damage at the cost of reduced weapon range
  • Incinerator Drone - Deploy a napalm drone that burns anything in its path
  • Firebomb - Throw a Molotov Cocktail to deal explosive damage and burn the area it lands
  • The Purifier - Wield a flame thrower to incinerate any opponents that get too close for comfort

Best XDefiant class

Ultimately, the best XDefiant class comes down to your style of play. Want to sneak behind enemy lines and score loads of kills, the Echelon class is the one for you but if you want to be more of a team player, the DedSec or Libertad classes are strong picks.

All of the classes are viable options and whichever you choose, make sure you use them to gain the biggest advantage possible.

That's all there is to know about the XDefiant classes. For more, check out the latest year one roadmap information and all there is to know about the best ACR loadout for mid-range action.

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