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Rainbow Six Siege Promotions This Week: These skins have massive discounts!

Check out the best Rainbow Six Siege Promotions this week.

Are you a Rainbow Six Siege fan? Do you want to give yourself a present this year for Christmas, but you don't know what to get?

Stop looking for ideas! Rainbow Six Siege has rolled out discounts on some of the most popular bundles in the game, including Elite Bundles, Rick and Morty cosmetics, and more!

To find all of the promotions in Rainbow Six Siege's store, you just have to click on the Shop tab, and then head to Promotions. You will find all of the discounted bundles alongside the Snow Brawl bundles!

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Rainbow Six Siege Promotions This Week

All of these bundles have suffered big discounts for Christmas!

Rick and Morty Rainbow Six Siege skins

If you want to get unique skins, the best idea is to check out all of the Snow Brawl cosmetics. These will be in the store until Jan. 6, while the rest of the bundles will remain after that date.

Looking at all of the promotions, the Rick and Morty bundles are probably the most interesting ones. All of the Rick and Morty Bundles have 21% discounts. If you were thinking of buying them, this is the time to do so!

Rick and Morty cosmetics for Fuze and Doc are the most popular, as both Rick and Morty are the main characters of the show. However, they are not the only operators to have these bundles, as Ace, Thermite, Smoke, and Sledge also have their own Rick and Morty bundles!

Ikumi Nakamura's Walpurgis Bundles

Ikumi Nakamura's most recent cosmetics launched in Rainbow Six Siege have also suffered big discounts. In this case, we are talking of a 25% discount!

These cosmetics can be used for Nomad, Twitch, and Valkyrie. It also includes the sister bundles released for Ela and Zofia!

Elite Bundles

Last but not least, four Rainbow Six Siege Elite Bundles have been included on the list, including IQ, Mute, Twitch, and Valkyrie, who will get discounts of up to 25%.

Despite Flores also being on the Promotions list, his new Flores Assassin's Creed Elite Bundle won't be getting a discount any time soon.

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