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Rainbow Six Siege releases new Rick and Morty bundles for Doc and Fuze

Rick and Morty are now literally in the game.

Rainbow Six Siege has done it again. If having four Rick and Morty bundles wasn't enough, the list has now been extended to six. 

If you are wondering who has joined the team, say no more. This time Rick and Morty are the ones going to the battlefield in what seems an attempt to live the real grandson and grandfather experience. 

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How can I purchase the new Rick and Morty bundles?

Ubisoft is giving you the chance to become the main characters of Rick and Morty but within Rainbow Six Siege. While Doc has been chosen to be Rick, Fuze will be Morty. 

To purchase the bundles, you must head to the in-game store, click on Bundles, and choose one of the two options — buying both bundles at the same time or buying them individually.

If you are planning on buying both bundles, our advice is that you purchase the Rick and Morty Battle Bundle, which offers a small discount. While the Battle Bundle costs 4080 R6 Credits, the individual bundles cost 2160 R6 Credits.

What do the Rick and Morty bundles look like?

Well, they look exactly like Rick and Morty. There's no better way to describe both bundles.

Doc's Rick Bundle

Rick's headset is possibly the best part of his bundle. It is Rick's face, which is pretty big. You will look cool on the battlefield, but attackers will probably spot you easily — especially if you try to spawn peek with him. 

Another cool part of the bundle is the charm. If you have watched Rick and Morty, you will probably remember who Squanchy is in the show. For those who don't, Squanchy is one of Rick's best friends.

Possibly the worst part of this bundle is the skin being given to Doc's shotgun, a weapon that's barely used in Siege. 

Fuze's Morty Bundle

Although the uniform and the headgear look cool, Finka's and Fuze's 6P41 skin might be the jewel of the crown. 

Rick has Squanchy, Morty has Mr. PB. This character is close to Rick's family and shows up now and then. We think it is a great addition to have extra Rick and Morty characters in the game using the bundles' charms! 

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