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All elite skins in Rainbow Six Siege and how to get them

Elite skins are usually the most coveted in the game.

Want to change the look in-game of your operators to something more exclusive? Elite skins might be your answer. 

What are elite skins?

Elite skins are the most unique skins in Rainbow Six Siege. These were first introduced with the release of Operation Red Crow, back in November 2016. Usually, Rainbow Six Siege releases two elite sets every operation. 

The biggest issue with elite skins was not being able to combine them with other in-game skins. Well, not anymore. With the introduction of High Calibre, you can now combine them and be as original as you want! 

What do elite skins include?

Elite skins include various exclusive in-game items and features. The most noticeable change is their uniform and headgear, which also changes how the operator card looks in the operator pool. They also include exclusive gun skins, an in-game charm, an exclusive victory celebration, and a new look to the operator’s distinctive gadget. 

What elite skins are available in the game now? 

There are 40 elite skins in the game, with some operators having not only one but two elite sets. 


  • Sledge - L Detachment
  • Thatcher - Operation Nimrod
  • Ash - Operation Sidewinder
  • Ash - Tomb Rider
  • Thermite - Vintage Bureau
  • Twitch - Maquis
  • Glaz - Lethal Citizen
  • Fuze - 2nd Shock Army
  • Blitz - Panzerstärke
  • IQ - Reunification
  • Buck - Snowdrift Expert
  • Blackbeard - Guerrilla
  • Capitão - Responsa
  • Hibana - Onkochishin
  • Jackal - Rastreador
  • Zofia - Duch Bozowy
  • Zofia - S.T.A.R.S. Unit
  • Dokkaebi - Electro Beat
  • Lion - Leon S. Kennedy
  • Maverick - Hotshot Welder
  • Kali - Masterframe Prototype I


  • Smoke - Sanguine Arsenic
  • Mute - F Squadron
  • Pulse - Lucky Seventh
  • Doc - Trench Medic
  • Rook - Gendarmerie
  • Kapkan - Vympel
  • Tachanka - Slava Korolyu
  • Jäger - Flying Ace
  • Bandit - AXLE73
  • Frost - Huntress
  • Valkyrie - War photographer ‘72
  • Caveira - Mata-Leão
  • Echo - Tenkamusou
  • Mira - Inspiración
  • Lesion - Nano-Tox 32
  • Ela - Huk Sztuki
  • Vigil - Zero-Day Threat
  • Mozzie - Deadset Hero
  • Melusi - Umvikeli

With 40 elite skins to choose from, you will undoubtedly find one skin that you like. Users usually pick elite skins based on their most-used operators. This means that elite skins such as Jäger’s, Ash’s, or Hibana’s are some of the most seen in public matches. 

Nevertheless, a cool weapon skin, a different victory celebration, or even just a “meme” can be good enough reasons to purchase elite skins. Some good examples are Mute, Smoke, Frost, or Dokkaebi, who have some of the most original victory celebrations, or Tachanka, often seen as a Siege god.

With the introduction of High Caliber, a new elite skin made its way into the game. Vigil's elite set, called "Zero-Day Threat" is now in the store. 

How can I unlock an elite set?

Elite sets can be easily unlocked in the game's store. To unlock an elite set, follow the next steps:

  • Press on Operators.
  • Choose between Attackers or Defenders.
  • Pick an operator from the list.
  • Click on Appearance.
  • If it's an operator with an elite set, you will easily find it at the bottom of the page.

Can elite skins be purchased with renown?

The quick answer is no.

Elite skins can only be purchased with R6 Credits. Elite skins’ standard price is 1800 R6 Credits. However, some skins have experienced discounts on their price. So, if you want to purchase an elite skin, this might be your best chance! 

The following skins are available with a 20% discount to their original prices, so they now cost 1440 R6 Credits. 

  • Jäger - Flying Ace
  • Bandit - AXLE73
  • Hibana - Onkochishin
  • Echo - Tenkamusou

Now, you might be asking, if elite skins are so exclusive, why haven’t I seen Rainbow Six Siege esports players competing with them? Well, Siege competitions only allow operator’s default skins, Pro League skins (gold sets), Pro Teams branded cosmetics and Esports Program’s cosmetics. 

But, ranked, unranked, casual, and terrorist hunt modes don’t go by these rules. So, get your best elite skin and rock it in your games! 

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