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Here are all the Snow Brawl LTM skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Here you can find all the skins, uniforms, headgears, and chibis included in Siege’s new event Snow Brawl LTM.

From December 14 to January 4, Siege’s brand new mode, Snow Brawl LTM, will be available for all players, including PC and console. 

This new time-limited event is much fun, as operators kill each other with snowballs. That’s it, no weapons are allowed in this game mode, except for a gun that could be classified as a Nomad air jab launcher — operators are stumbled to the floor, which leave them helpless against their opponents’ snowballs. 

With no drones allowed too, and with both sides having infinite respawn, this game mode feels incredibly dynamic. So if you want to have a great time while trying something different, we highly recommend you to spend some time in Chalet’s garden! 

However, it is not all about the fun — it's about style. The introduction of a new limited-time event also means the launch of new cosmetics. And, next to this new game mode, 45 new items make their way to the game!

What skins can we find in the Snow Brawl LTM Collection?

The Snow Brawl LTM Collection includes 45 new items, which can be acquired by purchasing alpha packs or by purchasing the different event bundles. Let's have a look at the collection!

Snowflake Bundle - 1680 R6 Credits

The Snowflake Bundle includes a universal Christmas-themed skin, a universal attachment skin, and a charm.  Considering that these can be equipped in every gun, it offers the chance to create cool combinations with other skins. Time to use your imagination!

Ash Helper Bundle - 1680 R6 Credits

Yep, you are not crazy, this bundle is now back! This same bundle made its first appearance in December 2020 and has returned to Siege. It includes a gun skin for Ash's R4-C, a headgear, a uniform, and a card portrait. 

Blackbeard Bliss Bundle - 1680 R6 Credits

This same bundle was first featured in the game in 2019. Now, it is back. The bundle includes a gun skin for Blackbeard's Mk17 CQB, a headgear, a uniform, a gun charm, and a card portrait. Although it is a really cool design, we don't recommend this uniform to go to the battlefield. Let's say that red is not the best color...

Buck Nutcracker Bundle - 1680 R6 Credits

A brand new bundle, as this is the first time Buck's skin has seen the light of day. With a gun skin for his C8-SFW, a headgear, a uniform, and a card portrait, this bundle looks really clean. 

Castle Snowbear Bundle - 1680 R6 Credits

Let's be honest here, this skin looks amazing. The headgear is monstrous, the uniform looks insane, and the skin has a combination of the Six Invitational colors, and a logo of a polar bear. It really looks amazing.  Just as the ones we have seen before, this bundle includes a skin for the UMP5, a headgear, a uniform, and a card portrait.

Frost Mischief Bundle - 1680 R6 Credits

It has been a very good day for Frost, as she also received her very first R6 Share skin earlier today thanks to Invictus Gaming. However, it is now Christmas, so to throw snowballs in style, you must be equipped with this exact same bundle. It includes a gun skin for the 9mm C1, a headgear, a uniform, and a card portrait.

Montagne Minted Bundle - 1680 R6 Credits

The green Montagne is back! The French operator's skin makes its return after firstly being launched in 2019. It includes a gun skin for his shield, a headgear, a uniform, and a card portrait.

Osa Luminous Bundle - 1680 R6 Credits

Osa's first bundle is here! Including a gun skin for her 556XL, a headgear, a uniform, and a card portrait, this is the best option to personalize Osa. And what better time to do it than now, December? 

Rook Abominable Bundle - 1680 R6 Credits

Rook's bundle includes a Yeti gun skin for his MP5, a skin that really looks nice. Alongside it, a uniform, a headgear, and a card portrait can be found in the bundle. 

Thorn Ferality Bundle - 1680 R6 Credits

Hear me out — this is the one. This is possibly the best bundle of the collection, as it includes a 3D gun skin for the newest operator in the game, Thorn. Her new gun skin has been the newest sensation in social media.

The bundle includes the gun skin, a headgear, a uniform, and a card portrait.

Vigil Disobedient Bundle - 1680 R6 Credits

Last but not least, Vigil. This skin is really cool too, with orange and red colors around it. Vigil's emblematic mask is now... different. The bundle includes a headgear, a uniform, a gun skin, and a card portrait.

Snow Brawl Card Background

With the introduction of High Caliber, operator card backgrounds became a thing in Siege. Snow Brawl offers the chance to get your hands on a brand new one, themed around the special Christmas event.

However, this one can only be acquired with... luck! You will have to purchase the alpha packs and cross your fingers. 

How do you get Snow Brawl LTM cosmetics?

These items will be found in the in-game store during the time of the event (Dec. 14 - Jan. 4). In order to find them, follow the next steps:

  • Go to Shop
  • Click on Snow Brawl Collection.

These can only be purchased with R6 Credits, and not Renown. However, these items can also be found inside the new alpha packs, Snow Brawl Packs. But, with 45 items in them, you must be lucky to get the item you want on your first or second try.

Here's the price for every pack:

  • One SB Pack: 12.500 Renown or 300 R6 Credits
  • Four SB Packs: 50.000 Renown or 1.200 R6 Credits
  • Eight SB Packs: 100.000 Renown or 2.400 R6 Credits
  • 16 SB Packs: 200.000 Renown or 4.800 R6 Credits
  • Entire collection: 555.000 Renown or 13.200 R6 Credits

Can I get SB Packs for free?

Yes, you can! Each player gets a Snow Brawl pack for free, so if you are lucky enough, you might get a very cool item in your first pack!

You will get another SB pack for free if you win 10 matches in the Snow Brawl event, so start gathering up your snowballs now. 

Overall, this event looks fun, and the skins look incredibly good. So Happy Holidays to everybody!

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