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Heroic and Invictus Gaming skins debut in R6 Share, Soniqs get a second skin

Two new organizations join R6 Share, while Soniqs gets its second skin.

Banner image: R6esports

Three new in-game skins have hit the live version of the game as Heroic and Invictus Gaming debut in R6 Share, while Soniqs gets its second skin.

These three organizations are part of Tier 3, with Heroic and Invictus Gaming finally joining the program. Meanwhile, the Susquehanna Soniqs is getting its second skin, as they also have one for Kaid's TCSG12. 

Being part of Tier 3 means that organizations just get a gun skin, which always costs 300 R6 Credits. Teams get 50% of the money spent in their skins, so if you want to support your favorite esport teams while rocking their badge in your games, R6 Share might be your thing!

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The Nordic team finally makes its way into the program after competing in the third stage of the European League. The French roster competed under the Heroic banner for nine matches, and eventually ended at the bottom of the European top-flight standings.

Heroic's gun skin will only be equipped in Bandit's and Zero's MP7.

Invictus Gaming

The Chinese esports organization joined the Siege esports scene back in June. After six months in the game, and after competing at both the Mexico and the Sweden Major, the APAC South roster finally joins R6 Share.

This roster has already represented an R6 Share team, as the Singaporean roster played for Giants Gaming before signing for Invictus Gaming. 

The Chinese organization has gone for Frost's 9mm C1, with a very classic and clean design. This is also the first time Frost gets an esports team skin. 

Susquehanna Soniqs

No better time to get a second R6 Share skin than now. The American team, who two days ago won the North American League Finals, complete this list. 

With a design similar to the Black Ice and equipped for Jäger's main weapon, this could be a hit. 

Although Frost might be a difficult pick to see in esports matches, we can't say the same of the German operators, who are regulars in various esports line-ups. 

We encourage you to have a look at the store to know more about R6 Share!

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