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These are all the R6 Share skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Want to represent your favorite esports teams? Have a look at this article.

The Rainbow Six Siege esports scene takes a big part in the game’s future. With the launch of Operation Grim Sky, the first esports teams’ skins made their entrance in the game, including teams such as Rogue, G2 Esports, FaZe Clan, or Team Liquid. 

Back then, this was known as the Pilot Program. In 2020, it was rebranded as R6 Share. Keep on reading for more information on these special bundles and skins.

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What is R6 Share?

R6 Share is a Ubisoft program launched to support the esports scene. Its objective is to economically support some of the best teams in the world, while also helping at the build of the biggest Siege competitions: the Six Invitational and the Six Major.

It initially included 42 esports teams since Cloud9 left the scene in July. Some weeks later, the organization's skins were removed from the store.

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R6 Share also includes special items themed around the professional leagues around the globe, including the European League, the North American League, the LATAM Leagues, and the APAC Leagues. 

How are teams divided in R6 Share?

Teams are divided into three categories, Tier 1, 2, and 3. These tiers are decided on the presence or importance of the teams in the Siege ecosystem. This means that an organization like G2 Esports or Fnatic — who not only compete in the scene but also create Siege content on a regular basis — will be in a higher tier than Team Empire. This organization has great results in Siege but they do not create that much Siege content. 

Each category rewards teams with the following:

  • Tier 1: Bundle includes uniform and headgear for an operator, weapon skin, and charm.
  • Tier 2: Bundle includes weapon skin and charm.
  • Tier 3: Weapon skin. 

What are the prices for R6 Share skins? 

First of all, we must make something clear: R6 Share items can only be unlocked with R6 Credits.

R6 Share bundles for Tier 1 organizations are the most expensive ones since they include the most in-game items. These cost 1680 R6 Credits. Meanwhile, Tier 2 bundles cost 720 R6 Credits. 

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Until 2021, players could purchase items individually, regardless of the team’s tier. Here's the individual price for every cosmetic:

  • Uniform: 720 R6 Credits
  • Headgear: 600 R6 Credits
  • Weapon skin: 300 R6 Credits
  • Charm: 480 R6 Credits

However, starting with 2022's bundles, Ubisoft closed the door to that option. Despite Ubisoft's current approach regarding this matter, players can still make individual purchases for pre-2022 bundles.

As we mentioned before, there are also R6 Share skins themed around the team’s tournaments. The individual price for these is 960 R6 Credits, while the full bundle costs 1920 R6 Credits. 

Recently, Ubisoft launched a new set themed around the professional Siege leagues around the globe. 

How to purchase R6 Share skins

To purchase R6 Share skins, you must follow the next steps:

  • Go to Shop.
  • Scroll down and click on Esports.
  • First, you will see sets themed around esports competitions. If you scroll down you will see esports teams’ skins.

Signature Series

On Sep. 5, 2023, Rainbow Six Siege announced a new series of cosmetics included in R6 Share.

These skins include the badge of the team in black, grey, and white colors. The only difference between the rest of R6 Share cosmetics is that Signature Series are universal. This means that you can use them for any gun in Rainbow Six Siege!

What bundles and skins are currently available in R6 Share?

Right now, this season's and last season's skins are available in the in-game store. Let's have a look at all of them, starting with Tier 1 skins and finishing with Tier 3. 

Tier 1

Each bundle includes a uniform, headgear, weapon skin, and an operator card background. Before 2022, bundles had a charm instead of an operator card background.

Note: Throughout the years, some organizations have ascended to Tier 1 from a lower tier. This explains why some teams have Tier 2 or lower bundles.

BDS Esport

Cyclops athlete gaming

DarkZero Esports


FaZe Clan


G2 Esports


Ninjas in Pyjamas

Spacestation Gaming

Susquehanna Soniqs

Team Liquid

Team Secret

Tier 2

Teams receive a weapon skin and a charm. It initially included the following organizations, plus Chaos Esports Club, Cloud9, eUnited, Giants Gaming,  and Tempo Storm. However, they left the scene — bringing their items along with them.  

Black Dragons


Dire Wolves


FAV Gaming


Parabellum Esports

Pittsburgh Knights




MNM Gaming

Oxygen Esports




w7m esports

Wildcard Gaming

Wolves Esports

Tier 3

Tier 3 skins include only a weapon skin. It initially included 17 different teams, but some of them left the scene. Instead, new organizations joined the program.

In 2022, Tier 3 included organizations like 00 Nation, Wolves Esports, FURY, Dire Wolves, REJECT, and even MNM Gaming. While some departed Rainbow Six Siege, the rest were promoted to Tier 2. Now, R6 Share's Tier 3 has no teams. However, later in the year, we could see the arrival of the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen bounds M80, SCARZ, Team Bliss, Team Falcons, and Six Karma.

League and Regional Bundles

Aside from the team skins and bundles, each league has its own bundle. Alongside them, Siege frequently drops new Pro League bundles. 

The esports sets can be found just above the teams' sets. If you move all to the right and click on View All, you will be able to check them out in one place. 

Esports skins are a great way to represent your favorite teams in-game. It's a unique way to support the esports scene and stand out in any match.

Japan League Bundle

Recently, the Japan League was given an R6 Share bundle including two cosmetics: an operator card background and a gun skin for Nøkk and Smoke's FMG-9.

Former R6 Share skins

When an organization leaves the Rainbow Six Siege esports scene, its skin also leaves the R6 Share program. These are some of the skins that were part of it but can't be purchased anymore.

00 Nation


Cowana Gaming

Disrupt Gaming

FURIA Esports

GUTS Gaming

INTZ e-Sports

Invictus Gaming

Natus Vincere







Team Empire

Team Vitality

The Chiefs



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