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Rainbow Six Siege releases Holiday Pack to celebrate Christmas, here's what it has

Rainbow Six Siege's Holiday Pack is here!

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Christmas is finally in Rainbow Six Siege! 2023 is around the corner and it's time to celebrate.

Players can now play the Snow Brawl time-limited event, which will last until Jan. 6. On top of that, Rainbow Six Siege has decided to award players with a surprise...

Keep on reading to find out!

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Siege's Holiday Pack

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Rainbow Six Siege has given a present to its players for Christmas this year! Players can now open the "Holiday 2022 Pack", which is different from the "Bravo Packs" and the "Snow Brawl Packs".

Rainbow Six Siege's brand new pack, the Holiday Pack, also includes a Naughty List. On it, we can see some operators' names, including Ash, Sens, Flores, and more!

What does the Siege Holiday 2022 Pack include?

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The content on the pack will depend on if you already have all of the game's operators unlocked. If that's the case, you will receive an exclusive bundle for Ying and a Christmas universal weapon skin.

If you are a player with operators left to be unlocked, the pack will give you a Rainbow Six Siege operator... for free! However, you can't choose what operator to unlock, as the operator coming out from the pack will be a random one.

Ying special Christmas Siege Bundle

Here are the rewards you will get in case you already have unlocked all the operators in Rainbow Six Siege.


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Ying's new headgear is full of Christmas vibes! You can see the Gingerbread Man on the left of the headgear, which is accompanied by red, white, green, and brown shades.

Christmastide Staff

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If you thought Ying's headgear was too much Christmassy, wait for this one. Ying's Christmastide Staff uniform seems to be inspired by a candy cane. White and red are the main colors, as they are combined with different shades of green.

Barbed Garland

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Last but not least, Rainbow Six Siege has awarded players with this universal weapon skin, the Barbed Garland. It's not very flashy, but it's free -- we can't complain!

What is the best Christmas skin in Rainbow Six Siege?

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Rainbow Six Siege has had many skins themed around Christmas, but nothing can surpass the Gingerbread skin. It was released in Year 3 Season 4, so it's not very common to see it on the game -- it's not in the store anymore!

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