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Siege hackers deploy "chicken attack" and cover players' screens with arbitrary images; here's how to fix it

Siege hackers are getting creative.

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If you are a Rainbow Six Siege player, you probably know about the problem that hackers pose to the game. Ubisoft is in a neverending fight against cheaters and the company recently introduced a new anti-cheat feature to Siege.

However, nobody could have seen how cheaters would react. This new hack doesn't allow the user to fly, teleport, or become invisible -- it is something completely different.

Cheaters have found a way of covering your screen with arbitrary images so you can't see anything. Doesn't that sound bad at all? Well, imagine being in a clutch situation when suddenly the picture of a chicken appears on your screen.

Players have been reporting this issue recently, with Adam "Drip" Kolodkin, the former beastcoast player, reporting the same issue.

Funniest hack in Rainbow Six Siege?

Although players are mad for losing their games because of random images popping up on their screens, nobody can't deny how hilarious this can be.

Hackers can now send any picture to their opponents to block them from seeing what's happening in the game. It's a new way to stop them from providing teammates with information. It's just like an operator's ability, right?

But though this hack may be quite funny when images of chickens appear, it's the opposite for streamers. Streaming platforms such as Twitch take a very dim view of nudes or other explicit content that comes up on the screen, so the wrong picture could ruin a streamer's channel.

It's also a big problem for underaged players who play the video game, and overall, an issue that anyone wants to address. Here's how to fix the image cheat problem in Rainbow Six Siege.

How to solve image cheat in Rainbow Six Siege

Luckily, there's a solution for the image cheat in Rainbow Six Siege.

According to players on Twitter, the images can be blocked by turning the option of showing "Bans" off in the game settings. To do that, you must go to Options, go to HUD, and scroll down to Bans. There, you must set it to Off.

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