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Rainbow Six Siege reactivates anti-cheat QB, encourages players to report issues via R6Fix

Rainbow Six Siege has reactivated QB, the game's new anti-cheat feature.

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Rainbow Six Siege has announced the reactivation of QB, the new anti-cheat feature added to the game with Operation Solar Raid.

Unfortunately, there's not much more information about what QB does in Rainbow Six Siege -- which is good. Ubisoft prefers not to share too much about the topic to avoid cheat manufacturers coming up with new ways to ruin the player experience.

Since the release of Operation Solar Raid, various professional players have revealed they have not seen cheaters during the season's early stages. Bryan "Merc" Wrzek, Six Invitational 2022 champion for TSM, reached the Champion rank after 50 games and shared he did not run "into a single cheater".

Overall, the community seems hyped about the introduction of QB. Despite the lack of information about it, as long as it does its job, players will not care about details.

It's highly important for the game to not have a massive cheating problem during December, especially during Christmas, a season when there are events that are designed to attract more players to the game.

Widely known Rainbow Six Siege content creator Tobias "BikiniBodhi" Emil, who we interviewed before the Sweden Major, talked about the announcement as, simply, a "W".

Will it really be a win for Rainbow Six Siege against the cheaters?

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