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Operation Solar Raid reveals new Anti-Cheat feature & more on Reputation System and Friendly Fire

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Rainbow Six Siege has revealed more information about the Reputation System, Friendly Fire, and new ways of combating cheats. The announcement was made during the Jönköping Major.

For more information, check out our general article about the features coming alongside Operation Solar Raid.

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Reputation System

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In Rainbow Six Siege, the Reputation System is a way to divide players into categories according to their toxicity levels in the game. Constant Friendly Fire or abusive messages are examples of toxic behavior, which will affect a player in the reputation standings.

Despite the Reputation System still being in a beta phase, players will finally have access to their placements in the reputation standing.

Players will be divided into the following categories:

  • Negative, which is divided into the sub-categories Dishonorable and Disruptive.
  • Respectable, no sub-categories included.
  • Positive, which is divided into the sub-categories Esteemed and Exemplary.

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From Year 8, players will enjoy penalties and bonuses according to their placement. Meanwhile, Ubisoft plans to try out a feature called "Mute Voice Chat" only throughout Year 8 Season 1.

Ubisoft's objective with the introduction of this system is to encourage players to be better. Toxicity has no place in Rainbow Six Siege and even overall, in the whole world of video games. Recently, Ubisoft also partnered with Riot to create AI to counter toxic text chats towards this goal.

Preparation Phase Friendly Fire

Ubisoft has decided to disable Friendly Fire during the Preparation Phase in an attempt to lower the number of team-kills due to toxicity. It's also a change introduced to prevent players from killing teammates through explosives or shotgun shots while opening rotations on the site, which is something that happens from time to time.

Players will be able to turn this feature on and off when playing a Custom game and it is unclear if this will be turned off for professional games.

On top of that, according to Ubisoft's announcement, after the introduction of Reverse Friendly Fire Penalties on Y7S3, Friendly Fire has been reduced to 10 percent.

New Siege Anti-Cheat details

Rainbow Six Siege has revealed some information about a new security update to the PC population called "QB". It's been developed over the past months to combat cheating.

Ubisoft's plans against cheating are clear but revealing information to the public about how the team combats cheating is quite a complicated matter and this will come in time. Rest assured, though, this is at the forefront of concerns for Ubisoft.

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