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Operation Dread Factor - Everything We Know So Far

Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming season will be called Operation Dread Factor

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Yesterday, Ubisoft unveiled the name for the upcoming season of Rainbow Six Siege. It will be called Operation Dread Factor.

Unfortunately, we don't have much information about Operation Dread Factor... yet. Before Operation Commanding Force, Rainbow Six Siege released multiple teasers including information about new features like Mousetrap, Siege's newest operator Brava, and more.

Keep on reading for more information about Operation Dread Factor!

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New Siege Season To Be Called Operation Dread Factor

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May 1 - Rainbow Six Siege announced the name for the upcoming season. It will be called Operation Dread Factor.

Moreover, Rainbow Six Siege announced the date for the season's full reveal. Operation Dread Factor will be fully unveiled on Sunday, May 14.

Consulate Rework

May 7 - Rainbow Six Siege have announced a rework for Consulate. It will be released with the launch of Operation Dread Factor.

The new version of Consulate will see changes to multiple areas of the map, including the second floor and the basement.

Consulate is one of the most famous maps in Rainbow Six Siege. Throughout the game's history, Consulate has gone through multiple tweaks, such as changes to windows.

Now, Ubisoft is going big. Consulate is going to look different from the outside in a clear attempt to stopping spawn peeks in the map.

The inside will also be different, with the most notable changes coming to Garage.

New Rainbow Six Siege operator called Fenrir

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May 14 - Fenrir is Rainbow Six Siege's new operator. He's a two-speed, two-health operator who will join as a defender.

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His gadget, the F-NATT Mine, releases a purple smoke cloud that reduces the field view of the attackers.

He will have access to the MP7 and the SASG-12 as primary weapons and the Bailiff 410 as his only secondary weapon. Meanwhile, he will be able to bring a Barbed Wire or a Bulletproof Camera to the battlefield!

New Siege Gadget

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May 14 - Rainbow Six Siege is releasing a new defensive gadget, the Observation Blocker. The Observation Blocker is a device that blocks the vision of attacking drones. This means that defensive gadgets won't be affected by it!

Arcade Returns

May 10 - Rainbow Six Siege have announced the return of the Arcade Playlists, including the game modes Headshot, Sniper, and Golden Gun.

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All of these game modes follow different rules to other game modes such as Ranked or Quick Match. Headshot, for example, forces players to kill their opponents with headshots only!

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