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Siege MouseTrap anti-cheat: What will it do?

MouseTrap is Siege's newest anti-cheat to stop mouse and keyboard on console.

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Rainbow Six Siege's new operation is right around the corner! Today, at the Six Invitational 2023, Ubisoft announced all the upcoming changes coming with Operation Commanding Force.

While the launch of Brava is the most exciting part of the new operation, she's not the only addition to Rainbow Six Siege heading into Year 8.

Many features are coming with Operation Comanding Force, including an exclusive boost for console players: an anti-cheat feature called MouseTrap to stop mouse and keyboard players.

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Siege's new anti-cheat, MouseTrap

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Rainbow Six Siege's new anti-cheat is called MouseTrap. It will only be deployed to Rainbow Six Siege's console version in the Y8S1.2 mid-season update, as the anti-cheat only tackles the constant problems that players experience with mouse and keyboard cheaters.

It's very easy to understand what MouseTrap does. Basically, Mousetrap will add input lag to external devices that aren't controllers. This input lag will get progressively worse until the mouse and keyboard is disconnected, at which point the player can plug their controller in and play normally.

This should put mouse and keyboard players at a disadvantage compared to controller players.

However, if you are a disabled gamer that needs to use a mouse and keyboard on console and cannot hold a controller comfortably, then there will be a QR code on screen that you can scan. Ubisoft will then examine your situation on a case-by-case basis and you may eventually be allowed to keep playing.

When will MouseTrap be added to Siege?

MouseTrap will be added to Rainbow Six Siege with the release of the mid-season Y8S1.2 Operation Commanding Force update.

If successful, MouseTrap will change console Siege forever. Rainbow Six Siege's higher ranks on console are full of mouse and keyboard players, which ruin the competitive experience for controller users. With MouseTrap, this shouldn't be a problem anymore!

Operation Commanding Force: Brava

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Brava will be Operation Commanding Force's new operator.

Brava's gadget will be able to hack defensive gadgets. It will be very useful, especially at getting extra information in the form of Valkyrie and Maestro cameras, or even Yokai Drones.

She will also be able to hack traps, which will only affect defeners once hacked. Operators like Mozzie and Mute will be Brava's best counters. However, Brava's future in the game so far looks very promising: while she looks like a strong operator, it doesn't seem like she will be overpowered.

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