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Rainbow Six Siege to release permanent Arcade Playlist with Operation Dread Factor

Arcade playlists are back with Operation Dread Factor.

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Nostalgia is defined as the feeling of love for a place from the past. Playing a night map, destroying C4 on Terrorist Hunt, or climbing Clubhouse's ladder on Garage would give goosebumps to any Rainbow Six Siege OG.

With Operation Dread Factor, Rainbow Six Siege fans will be nostalgic. Here's why.

Arcade Playlist is back to Siege

With the release of Operation Dread Factor, Rainbow Six Siege will re-launch time-limited events to the game.

Golden Gun, Headshot, and Sniper will arrive to Rainbow Six Siege to stay.

Golden Gun

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Golden Gun is a Rainbow Six Siege game mode where players can only shoot with a D-50. It's presented as a Team Deathmatch lobby where the first team to get 75 kills wins.

Golden Gun was released on Jul. 2022. Check out our Golden Gun article for more information about this game mode!


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Headshot is another of the events making a return to Rainbow Six Siege with the release of Operation Dread Factor.

The operators used in this game mode can only be killed with headshots. It follows the rules of Secure Area and it doesn't have preparation phase. Check out our Headshot article for more information about this game mode!


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Finally, Sniper is the third time-limited game mode to be released in the new Arcade playlist.

Players are thrown to the map with Snipers. Believe us, every lobby that follows the Sniper rules is pure chaos. Check out our Sniper article for more information about this game mode!

Rainbow Six Siege Game Modes

During the current season, Operation Commanding Force, players have access to the following game modes:


Situations is the most basic game mode in Rainbow Six Siege. It's a game mode whose objective is to teach the players the most important concepts of the game.

Each situation will reward the player with Renown, which can be used to unlock Operators or Bundles. We highly encourage you to complete them, even if you are an experienced Siege player!

Terrorist Hunt

Terrorist Hunt is a Rainbow Six Siege game mode where players must kill all the terrorists on the map. It's an excellent game mode to warm up before playing Ranked.

Rainbow Six Siege's terrorists are NPCs, which means their gun skills aren't good. However, you may find five terrorists in the same room. Things can get very difficult then!

Quick Match

Quick Match is Rainbow Six Siege's most casual game mode. It's the first online game mode for everyone, as it's the only one open to players until reaching level 50.

The preparation phase and the action phase last for 45 seconds and 3 minutes, respectively. The first team to win three rounds, wins the match!

Ranked and Unranked

Ranked and Unranked follow the same rules. They are the closest game modes to competitive Rainbow Six Siege.

In both game modes, players must ban maps and operators before playing. They can also choose what site to defend.

However, Ranked games have Ranked Points, which measure the skills of a player. How high can you get to?

Team Deathmatch

If you like action, Team Deathmatch may be your favorite game mode.

If you are killed in Team Deathmatch, you will respawn automatically. You are thrown to a lot of different types of gun fights and you can't use your operator ability. It's all about aiming!

It's the perfect game mode to practice your aim and get better in Rainbow Six Siege from a mechanical point of view.

Practice Field

Practice Field is Rainbow Six Siege's game mode to try out weapons and its attachments. Players can use this to discover new gun settings, which can then be used in online games.

Although not many players spend time on the Practice Field, this game mode is very useful, especially when Ubisoft releases new operators, buffs, nerfs, or new guns. We highly advice you to spend some time on the Practice Field when a new patch is deployed to the game!


Last but not least, Rainbow Six Siege's Custom game modes are the perfect choice for players who are looking for something different.

You can use Custom to check maps patiently, taking your time. You can also create special lobbies with your friends and play with your own rules. Do you want to play an only-knife match? Well, this is your answer!

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