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Rainbow Six Siege releases new time-limited arcade game mode called Snipers

Snipers is Siege's new game mode.

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Rainbow Six Siege has released a new time-limited game mode called "Snipers". This game mode belongs to the Arcade section, as Rainbow Six Siege has created a set of game modes that rotate and are open to the players from time to time.

You can play Snipers from the 21st of September to the 28th. It's free to play, so give it a try!

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Rainbow Six Siege's new game mode Snipers

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"Snipers" is Rainbow Six Siege's new time-limited arcade game mode. Players compete in teams of five players in a round that lasts for six minutes. The first team to get 75 eliminations wins the game.

Keep in mind that there's no preparation phase or drones. You're thrown to the battlefield with Kali's sniper and the .44 Mag Semi-Auto.

This game mode forces you to be precise. Players must kill their opponents quickly. Missing your first bullet might be a death sentence. However, as this game mode follows the usual Team Deathmatch rules, there's infinite respawn.

All operators have been tweaked to be three-speed operators, so don't worry about opponents being faster than you if you pick an operator such as Rook or Kaid.

What maps are played in Rainbow Six Siege's new game mode Snipers?

Rainbow Six Siege's new game mode Snipers is set on three different maps: Chalet, Fort Truth, and Herford Base.

"Snipers" will be free to play from the 21st to the 28th of September. This means that the event will expire after the week, as Arcade intends to rotate the time-limited events.

Is Snipers a good game mode in Rainbow Six Siege?

Snipers is an original and fun game mode. Players are forced to use two of the less-used guns in the game, with players avoiding playing Kali while using the revolver while playing Kaid. With this game mode, players must adapt quickly to win the match.

It's also a good way to see the scope in the server. Players will also get some impressive kills which will surely be present in the upcoming clips from your favorite streamers and YouTubers.

If you want to try out something different in Rainbow Six Siege, Snipers is your game mode.

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