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Y8S1 Operation Commanding Force: Everything we know so far about the latest R6 season

Here's everything you need to know about the new Rainbow Six Siege season, Operation Commanding Force!

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Rainbow Six Siege's most immediate future will be announced at the Six Invitational 2023, which started on Feb. 7 and will run until Feb. 19.

The Six Invitational 2023 is the biggest Rainbow Six Siege event of the year. After having to move the last two editions to Paris, France, in 2021, and Stockholm, Sweden, in 2022, the competition has returned to its home, Montreal, Canada, for a final edition there.

Although the majority of people get excited about the Six Invitational because of the competition between teams, many other people only pay attention to it for announcements about upcoming operations.

This week, Rainbow Six Siege started to tease the community with short videos about the next operation, which will be called Operation Commanding Force.

Here's everything we know about Operation Commanding Force.

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New Rainbow Six Siege squad to be called Redhammer

On Feb. 14, Rainbow Six Siege announced the name of the new faction of the game: Redhammer.

It will be led by Sledge and will include other operators like Goyo or Thermite.

Rainbow Six Siege anti-cheat update

On Feb. 11, Rainbow Six Siege teased a potential anti-cheat update called Mousetrap.

Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming operator will be an attacker

Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming operation, Operation Commanding Force, will include a new operator. According to Rainbow Six Siege's most recent teaser, the upcoming operator will be an attacker.

The teaser includes a clear message. The newest Operator coming to Siege is about to prove there's no such thing as the perfect defense.

More information will be announced during the next days, so you better stay tuned!

Reload Rework in Rainbow Six Siege

On Feb. 9, Rainbow Six Siege released another teaser regarding the upcoming season.

According to Rainbow Six Siege's tweet, Operation Commanding Force will include a rework around reloading in the game. We could be talking about an update to the game that affects "reload canceling", which is stopping the reload halfway through the action and being able to shoot immediately.

Operation Commanding Force

On Feb. 7, the first day of the Six Invitational 2023, Rainbow Six Siege announced the name for the first season of Year 8.

Rainbow Six Siege's first season of Year 8 will be called Operation Commanding Force.

Operation Commanding Force - New Siege Operator

As of now, no new details have been released about the arrival of a new operator.

However, the device on the video released on Feb. 7 by Rainbow Six Siege leads us to think that the new operator will have some special drones with some kind of special ability.

Potential fix for mouse and keyboard Siege problem

Earlier today, Rainbow Six Siege released a short video with the following caption: "Dear console players, we are working on something big for you."

This combined with the video attached to the tweet have got the whole console Siege community excited, as some players now think Rainbow Six Siege is planning on stopping mouse and keyboard players on console.

While cheating is not a problem for Rainbow Six Siege on consoles, players taking advantage of mouse and keyboard is. Any update on this matter should be welcomed by the community!

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