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Rainbow Six Siege teases potential fix to prevent console players from using mouse and keyboard

Operation Commanding Force has something in store for console players.

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The Six Invitational is always a big event for Rainbow Six Siege. It gathers the best Siege teams on the planet to compete for a chance to be proclaimed world champions. It's also a big event that connects the game and its professionals with Rainbow Six Siege.

In the heart of Montreal, Canada, Rainbow Six Siege's future will be announced in the upcoming weeks. Updates about the next season, Year 8, and the competitive schedule will be revealed as thousands of eyes will pay attention to every detail.

For now, we can only get some information and theorize about Rainbow Six Siege's future with their teases regarding the upcoming season.

Yesterday, Rainbow Six Siege announced the name for the game's upcoming season, which will be called Operation Commanding Force.

However, earlier today, a new tease was released today to excite the community about the future of Rainbow Six Siege.

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Potential fix against mouse and keyboard on console?

"Dear console players, we are working on something big for you."

Rainbow Six Siege's message earlier today was short but strong. Operation Commanding Force will include what looks like a massive update to the future for console players on Rainbow Six Siege.

In the middle of the short video for today's teaser, Rainbow Six Siege shows what it looks like a minimal logo of a mouse right behind a hazard sign. Moreover, the video animation looks like it's jammed by some kind of device.

Everything leads us to think that this console update will be a way of stoping mouse and keyboard users.

Is mouse and keyboard cheating on console Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege console players don't live with the struggles of cheaters. However, starting from Platinum and onwards, most players use mouse and keybord.

Mouse and keyboard gives an unfair advantage to console players when facing controller players, as the mouse and keyboard makes it easier and faster to aim; hence why most of console players consider that mouse and keyboard is a way of cheating.

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