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BR6 Week 2 Key Takeaways: Ninjas in Pyjamas resurgence, Black Dragons only unbeaten team remaining

Second week of the BR6 is now over.

Black Dragons still unbeaten

Black Dragons the organization had its first and only international appearance at the Six Invitational 2018. Some weeks later, the team’s roster signed with Ninjas in Pyjamas. The rest is history.

Since then, Black Dragons have been unsuccessful in the search of building a new young roster capable of qualifying for international competitions. But their recent trust in the region’s young talent might well pay off soon.

Black Dragons are the dark horses of the Brasileirao. After going unbeaten in the first week following victories over INTZ and Copa Elite Six champions Team Liquid, Black Dragons completed another perfect weekend by beating Sweden Major champions FaZe Clan and Six Invitational 2022 top four side MIBR. 

Looking at the end of last stage and the start of this one, Black Dragons have won their last six BR6 matches – with the all-time record being eight. 

To understand Black Dragons’ improvement, we must check the team’s stats. Unlike the last stage where Felipe “nade” Sá outshined the rest of the roster in his professional debut, Black Dragons’ duo Ronaldo “ion” Osawa and Vinicius “Patoxy” Lima have stepped up in stage two. Black Dragons haven't had to rely on nade’s potential and the players have finally found their playstyle. 

With 10 points out of a possible 12, Black Dragons are now one of the favorites to qualify for this stage’s Copa Elite Six.

A Ninjas in Pyjamas resurgence?

The job is far from being done at the Ninjas’ headquarters, but the team’s performances this weekend will give fans a flash of hope. 

Ninjas in Pyjamas cleanly defeated 00 Nation on Kafe, winning four of the team’s six rounds played on attack. 00 Nation were all over the place, with two of their four won rounds being clutches that could have gone either way.

On Sunday, Ninjas in Pyjamas defeated INTZ with maximum overtime, meaning the SI 2021 champions ended the weekend in fifth place, three points behind FURIA Esports in fourth. 

Ninjas in Pyjamas’ opposition was possibly not the strongest, but the results are a very good starting point for a possible Copa Elite Six qualification.

MIBR falls apart

MIBR’s weekend has been a nightmare. It started with a 0-7 loss against w7m esports, which was followed by a 3-7 defeat against Black Dragons.

Luca “LuKid” Sereno scored a SiegeGG rating of 0.00 in the team’s defeat on Chalet against w7m esports, a match where no player from MIBR scored a positive rating. This is the team’s second 0-7 loss against w7m esports this season, as the team lost by the same score – and on the same map – on stage one.

Things did not go well for the team, who have once again gone from a brilliant Six Invitational to a poor performance throughout the regular stages. If this trend continues, the team could miss out on another Major, which would sentence them to just playing for a Six Invitational spot in the regional qualifiers. 

Team Liquid stumbling

Team Liquid’s weekend was arguably one of the worst in the team’s story. On Saturday, the team succumbed against relegation candidates INTZ, while on Sunday the team fell against w7m esports. 

Both matches were played on Clubhouse, a defender sided map despite the current meta. However, Liquid could only win three defenses out of a total 10 rounds . Liquid’s entry numbers have also been very poor and unusual, as the roster is known for its consistency.

As we pointed out earlier today, we could be in for Luccas “Paluh” Molina’s worst stage in Rainbow Six Siege ever. His bad momentum in the competition seems to be impacting the team hard. Right now, the team is in eighth – could Team Liquid miss out on the Berlin Major?