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Mkers join North American competitive scene, will feature in Stage 1 Last Chance Qualifiers

The Italian organization has picked up a North American roster.

Banner Image: Mkers

The Italian esports team Mkers has joined the North American Rainbow Six Siege competitive scene after acquiring the organization-less roster called T2 Warriors. On March 17, the squad made it to the North America League 2024 Stage 1 Open Qualifiers Playoffs after winning the first of the three initial qualifiers.

The roster includes the former Wildcard Gaming player Jaidan "Packer" Franz, who competed for the red organization in the North America League 2023 Stage 2. Although the rest of the current members have yet to make their professional debut, the players are well-known for their recent results in the region's second tier.

Mkers new signings made their debut for the Italian organization on April 10 as they defeated Spacestation Gaming's Academy, Team SBL, and Los Mangos to reach the qualifiers' grand final. By achieving the tournament's top two, the roster clinched a spot to compete in the North America League 2024 Stage 1 Last Chance Qualifiers, where they will play against the likes of Soniqs, Wildcard Gaming, and three more top-flight rosters.

Mkers will compete in the North America League 2024 Stage 1 Last Chance Qualifiers with the following roster:

  Jesse "Gity" Auger

  Jaidan "Packer" Franz

  Wesley "Woos" Beeson



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