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VCT 2024 Americas Stage 1 Week 3 Roundup: Brazil yet to win a match, KRÜ Esports still unbeaten

There are only two weeks left.

The VCT 2024 Americas Stage 1 Week 3 was the toughest on the calendar as it included five game days, with the majority of organizations playing twice.

As a result of the scores seen in the third week of action, the standings of Group Alpha and Group Omega have been shaken massively, with Alpha's teams going 6-4 on their Omega opponents.

Here are the main storylines from Americas' Week 3!

KRÜ Esports still unbeaten

If we had to picture KRÜ Esports' 2023 season, the South American lineup would be the dog on the "this is fine" meme where the cute animal is having a coffee while its house is burning down. Despite the team's regional results, the pink organization somehow qualified for the Valorant Champions 2023 following the team's win in the Americas Last Chance Qualifiers.

Unfortunately for Kun Agüero's team, the roster's underwhelming performances in the VCT 2024 Americas Kickoff saw the South American lineup finishing at the bottom of Group C's standings. Eventually, the team made a change as they parted ways with Nicolás "mta" González and added Olavo "heat" Marcelo.

The decision quickly paid off as the Brazilian finished with the second-highest Average Combat Score in the team's VCT 2024 Americas Stage 1 debut against FURIA Esports. Overall, the former MIBR player averages the seventh-best ACS in the league, with Angelo "keznit" Mori having the best rating in the squad.

Precisely, KRÜ Esports' new duo has been the deadliest in the league as both heat and keznit average KD's of 1.49 and 1.41. Led by their individual performances, the pink organization currently tops Group Alpha as the only unbeaten side in the competition following victories against Evil Geniuses, LOUD, MIBR, and the previously mentioned FURIA Esports.

LOUD and Brazil have yet to win a match

The VCT Masters Madrid-bound headed to the VCT 2024 Americas Stage 1 after having four of their five players stuck in Northern Ireland as they were working on getting new visas to return to the United States. Therefore, the lack of training before the start of the first split explains why LOUD's players are struggling.

However, the Brazilians must react before it's too late — and it already may be. After not featuring during Week 2, which gave LOUD some time to prepare for Week 3, the Brazilians abruptly lost to Cloud9 and KRÜ Esports. Following this week's results, the team must win against Sentinels and G2 Esports to have a chance at qualifying for the playoffs.

Meanwhile, FURIA Esports and MIBR went 0-6 as the Black Panthers lost to G2 Esports and MIBR fell against Sentinels and NRG.

Despite Brazil's lack of success at the VCT 2024 Americas Stage 1, the previously mentioned heat and Leviatán's star Erick "aspas" Santos have been crucial in getting the South American organizations at the top of their respective groups.

Sentinels struggle as they could miss out on VCT Masters Shanghai

The VCT Masters Madrid started the super week with a comfortable win against MIBR. However, the team couldn't defeat Evil Geniuses in what was the Americans' first win of the split.

The 2023 world champion Alexander "jawgemo" Mor was the best player in the series with an ACS of 253 and 59 kills to his name. With this result, Sentinels currently sit at the bottom of the standings of Group Alpha as they have lost two of their four matches. Meanwhile, Cloud9 and NRG's currently follow KRÜ Esports in Group Alpha with 3-1 records.

Sentinels' remaining matches at the VCT 2024 Americas Stage 1 will be against LOUD and FURIA Esports, as the Americans still have a solid chance of qualifying for the playoffs.

100 Thieves victory against G2 Esports not a mirage

One of the upsets in Week 2 was 100 Thieves' victory against G2 Esports, where the Americans won on Bind and Split in the organization's first top-flight victory since May 2023.

Amid Brazil's lack of results in Group Omega, 100 Thieves defeated Cloud9 by two maps to zero after two fantastic performances by Peter "Asuna" Mazuryk and Matthew "Cryocells" Dylan, who finished with ACS' of 251 and 282, respectively.

Following this result, the Americans currently sit in second place of Group Omega with two victories and one defeat. However, the roster have yet to play against KRÜ Esports (4-0) and NRG (3-1).

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