SiegeGG Awards 2018: Full Results

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Catch up on the full results of the SiegeGG Awards 2018!

The SiegeGG Awards 2018 comprises eight categories, awarding the best of the year in Rainbow Six esports. Catch up on the results of the awards right here or on the SiegeGG Twitter. For more, read our SiegeGG Awards 2018 Reveal with an explanation of all award categories and other details.

Player of the Year - Nesk

Nesk is the highest rated player of 2018, posting a 1.30 Rating on the year. He consistently contributed to his squad -- MOPA Team and Team Liquid -- during the year, shown by his 0.70 KOST. Team Liquid became the first Latin American team to win a Pro League Season Finals, with Nesk outperforming everyone and winning our MVP of the Pro League Season 7 Finals. At that event, he earned a 1.52 Rating and had nearly twice as many kills than deaths. Even when Liquid did not perform well as a team, Nesk still shined, such as during the Six Major Paris. He consistently played at a high level no matter the result of the competition, proven by his stats during Pro League Season 7, the first half of Season 8, and the second half of Season 8.

Team of the Year - G2 Esports

During 2018, the G2 Esports roster (also under PENTA) has been the undisputed top team in Rainbow Six. They kicked off the year with a victory at the Six Invitational (Event of the Year) in a stunning comeback against Evil Geniuses, a match that earned our Match of the Year award. The squad also topped European Pro League in both Season 7 and Season 8 and took home the worldwide title at the Season 8 Finals. In their first event representing G2, the Six Major Paris, they won in dominant fashion. Most recently, they also claimed the DreamHack Winter title in Sweden.

Event of the Year - Six Invitational 2018

The second iteration of the Six Invitational saw sixteen of the world’s best teams fighting for the title of world champion as well as a cut of the $500,000 prize pool. This event was the first Major of the year, and it saw some of the largest organisations in Rainbow Six, Team Liquid, FaZe Clan, and Counter Logic Gaming compete for the first time. The Six Invitational was also the most watched event ever, and it was the winner of the SiegeGG Awards Match of the Year.

Rookie of the Year - AceeZ

AceeZ jumped into action in Pro League Season 8 as a member of the German team OrgLess. He topped his team--and the rest of Europe--with a 1.28 Rating throughout the first seven playdays of the season. At the Six Major Paris, OrgLess failed to advance past the group stage, but AceeZ still had the best rating in their group. Since then, he has joined LeStream (formerly Millenium), and the roster won the 6Cup. On the year, he posted a 1.24 Rating, which landed him in the very top tier of players to compete in 2018.

Match of the Year - Evil Geniuses vs PENTA at the Six Invitational

Commonly referred to as the most entertaining match of the year, EG vs PENTA is our winner for Match of the Year. This Six Invitational Grand Final saw two titans of Rainbow Six head up in what was expected to be a tight contest. Evil Geniuses, however, jumped out to an early 2-0 map lead, just one away from the trophy. PENTA swung the match in their favor on maps three and four, and they finished off the tournament with an overtime victory on the final map!

Caster of the Year - Interro

Interro rose to fame in the end of 2017, and he has continued to entertain while on and off the mic. This year, he casted the Six Invitational 2018, Pro League Seasons 7 and 8, the Six Major Paris, and DreamHack Austin, Montreal, and Winter, among other minor competitions. In addition, he has helped spread information with his famous check mark tweets, shared advice with amateur casters, and not shied away from voicing his opinions on issues within Rainbow Six.

Unsung Hero of the Year - Hotancold

A long-time member of the DarkZero Esports roster (previously SK Gaming and FlipSid3 Tactics), Hotancold has led the squad with a 1.15 Rating on the year, tied for second best in North America. While DarkZero has narrowly missed out on large events such as the Pro League Season 8 Finals, the team--and Hotancold--have proven to be among the best in North America. This year, he has served as an exceptional fragger, ranking 12th in kill differential among players in the region. Still, Hotancold is not regarded to as a top player as much as other players of his level, contributing to his Unsung Hero of the Year victory!

Clutch of the Year - Acez's 1v4 against Ninjas in Pyjamas

In a key round to maintain their lead over Ninjas in Pyjamas, Acez came up huge for Fnatic in their first group stage match of the Six Major Paris. Against four enemies and an activated defuser, Acez stormed in as Maestro and wiped out NiP before deactivating the defuser. His kill before the clutch earned him an ace on the round, one of only three at the event!