Revealing The SiegeGG Awards and the 2018 Categories!

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SiegeGG reveals The SiegeGG Awards, an annual event with awards given to the best of 2018.

The SiegeGG Awards 2018 will comprise eight categories, revealed below. Follow the results of the awards on the SiegeGG Twitter, where the winners will be announced beginning on New Year's Eve! You can also discuss and follow along using #SiegeGGAwards. Winners are chosen by the SiegeGG staff; however, next year we plan to open voting to the public!

Categories of the SiegeGG Awards 2018.
Player of the Year

The player of the year award is given to the player who performed well at the highest level most consistently during 2018. This award is determined by stats collected by SiegeGG throughought the year.

Event of the Year

Event of the year is awarded to the best Rainbow Six event during 2018, determined by entertainment, viewership, memorability, and other factors.

Team of the Year

This award is given to the team who placed highest during events and leagues during the year of competition.  The team is chosen based on consistent top placings at the highest level of play - Majors, Pro League, and others.

Clutch of the Year

Clutch of the year is given to the player with the most impressive and memorable clutch (1vX) of 2018.

Unsung Hero of the Year

The unsung hero of the year is a player who flew under the radar of most fans, but still impressed with their play and value to their team.

Rookie of the Year

Given to the player who performed the best in their inaugural year of competition, the rookie of the year award is determined by each player's individual performance and impact to their team.

Caster of the Year

This award is given to the top caster of 2018, chosen by the value and skill each caster brings to broadcasts.

Match of the Year

Finally, the match of the year award is chosen based on the quality of the match, encompassing the plays made, storylines, and memorable moments.