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EU Transfers: Latest Updates - Mid Season 11

UPDATE: blas replaces Ferral in Team Secret

EU Transfers: Latest Updates - Mid Season 11

As SiegeGG’s hub for all roster changes in the transfer window during the Season 10 mid-season transfer period, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check back here to keep up to date with all upcoming changes in the EU region and keep up to date with NA here, APAC here, and LATAM here.

Summary of Changes So Far

Team Secret - jNSzki signed permanently, blas joins, Ferral leaves.

Natus Vincere - CTZN leaves, Pie dropped, Blurr loaned

G2 Esports - CTZN and Virtue signed, Fabian benched, SirBoss dropped

MnM Gaming - Joins Cr4zy

forZe - KaMa Leaves forZe, Amision joins

Roster Changes

March 31st: blas Replaces Ferral on Team Secret

After nine months on the team, Daniel "Ferral" Rotheram has left Team Secret to be replaced by the ex-PENTA player of Balázs "blas" Kővári. 

Ferral first joined Secret to replace sTiZze following their demotion to the Challenger League after Season 9 and has since help the team to a title at the Allied Minor where he was the event's MVP and to a third-place finish at the Raleigh Major. Despite this, the team has failed to make it back to the Pro League after falling below BDS and forZe in Season 10 and both fell early in the Six Invitational qualifiers and the OGA Pit Minor. Now, Ferral leaves the team to be replaced by the Hungarian of blas once again breaking the British majority core lineup.

Blas meanwhile, began his high level career on ENCE in Season 8 before replacing Panix on PENTA ahead of the 2020 Six Invitational. Across this time, his best performance saw fourth place finishes at the 2018 DreamHack Valencia Minor on ENCE and in Season 9 of the Pro League on PENTA, however, the team was eventually relegated the following season whereby he was then dropped as PENTA moved to an all-French lineup.

This new look, mixed European Secret will debut this Friday against GEKOLONISEERD (ex-Trust gaming) as the team will aim to win their third Challenger League campaign in five seasons.

March 23rd: Amision Joins forZe

The Russian player of Pasha "Amision" Chebatkov has joined forZe to replace there departing player of KaMa ahead of tonight's Pro League matchup.

Prior to this, Amision played in a number of teams during Challenger League, Major and CCS qualifiers including alongside the current forZe player of Rask and ex-Empire player of namea. Most recently, however, he caught wider attention on CrowCrowd where he led his team to a fourth-place finish at the LAN Finals of Season 3 of the Russian Major League and to a third-place finish during the Challenger League Season 11 open qualifiers ahead of teams such as Cr4zy and Salamander. Now, he jumps straight into the Pro League tonight against Team Vitality with just one prior game played alongside forZe during last night's Russian Major League game where he played against his old lineup:

March 20th: KaMa Leaves forZe

The Russian player of Alexander "KaMa" Chernyshov has left forZe after nine months on the team and will be taking a break from competitive R6 after subbing in for CrowCrowd against forZe in tonights Russian Major League game. 

March 13th: Na'Vi Loans Blurr for a Month

Natus Vincere has signed Byron "Blurr" Murray as a stand-in for the banned Jack "Doki" Robertson, with the Fierce Esports player replacing Ellis "Pie" Pyart in that role until the 2nd of April when Doki is unbanned. Blurr previously played on a number of tier-three European national rosters including Mkers (which has now provided five Pro League pickups in the last few months), where he was crowned an Italian national champion.

As well as this, he also has played in previous seasons of the Benelux and Premiership leagues and, most recently sat in second place in the ESL Premiership Spring season on Fierce Esports. Just as his predecessor did before him, he will now take the massive jump right up from national level tournaments into the Pro League on Natus Vincere as a stand-in while Doki completes his competitive ban due to in-game toxicity.

March 11th: CR4ZY Picks Up MnM Gaming Roster

The British Challenger League line-up of MnM Gaming has joined CR4ZY a few weeks before the kick-off of Season 11 and the Premiership Finals.

Since joining the MnM organisation five months ago, this roster topped the Premiership Winter group stage before falling in the LAN grand-final to Natus Vincere showing they were a serious tier-two challenger. A month later in the Six Invitational qualifiers, they suddenly achieved international recognition when they knocked out OrgLess, Vitality, G2 Esports and Chaos before eventually losing to BDS in a run that proved themselves to be a pro-level roster.

Since then they qualified to Season 11 of the Challenger League and currently sits joint top ahead of Team Secret in the Premiership Spring season as they aim to prove themselves further both domestically and in EU as a whole. Here's what the team's coach, Ramiz "rcuth" Cuthbert, had to say about the team and pickup:

Firstly, can you introduce your team to us?

Hey! We are CR4ZY! You may recognise us more recently from our time under the MnM banner. We are a young, UK based team who have recently qualified for this coming season of Challenger League, as well as participating in this season of the UK Premiership.

What kind of support from CR4ZY has you been offered?

With the support of CR4ZY, we really will be reaping the rewards of a larger organisation. CR4ZY has offered us tools that we did not have access to previously, such as regular bootcamps, a sports psychologist and a dedicated manager. On top of this, we have been amazed by the organisation's attention to media and the high standard in which this media is produced. We are confident that with CR4ZY's backing, we can reach higher levels of play, which will hopefully be demonstrated by our performance in the upcoming season of Challenger League.

March 4th: G2 Esports Signs CTZN and Virtue, Fabian and SirBoss Out

In one of its biggest roster changes in its history, G2 Esports has signed CTZN and Virtue from Natus Vincere and Fnatic, respectively, to give its new roster an air of lethality once more.

Continue reading here.

February 23rd: Natus Vincere Drops Pie

Following the benching of star player Ben "CTZN" McMillan two days prior, the stand-in drafted in after Jack "Doki" Robertson's ban took effect, Ellis "Pie" Pyart has now been dropped by Natus Vincere.

With Pie always having been considered a stand-in, it was never truly likely that he would have stayed with Natus Vincere as a permanent member, and with Doki still banned for over a month more, Na'Vi would have needed a replacement for CTZN either way. However, the timing of the move comes as a definite surprise given that Na'Vi will now have to either find a second stand-in (if Doki is still slated to return to the core of the team) or will have to find two permanent players.

It is definitely possible, however, that this move came after replacements had been lined up, thus dispensing with the need to temporarily renew Pie's contract after is just expired this month.

Pie celebrating the Season 10 Pro League victory.

Now having dropped Pie, a player that had well outperformed the expectations of him as a stand-in during the team's Season 10 campaign, Na'Vi will get a chance to effectively reboot its disappointing progress in Season 11. The reigning champions are currently in sixth place, with just two wins, one draw, and four losses in the first split. Furthermore, Na'Vi only won one match at the Six Invitational 2020 -- against Rogue -- and crashed out of the groups after losses to Team SoloMid and Spacestation Gaming.

As such, many eyes are now on the team to see who it drafts in as replacements and whether either of the two replacements will be stand-ins as well, thus signalling Doki's future with the squad.

February 21st: Natus Vincere Benches CTZN

The Season 10 Finals winner and event MVP, Ben "CTZN" McMillan, has been benched on Natus Vincere. This comes after a dissapointing group stage exit for the team at the 2020 Six Invitational and a serious of dissapointing Pro League results that sees the team sit with just two wins in seven games.

These results led to CTZN growing disillusioned with the team and he expressed his desire to leave Na'Vi after the Invitational. When attempts to convince him to stay were unsuccessful, and frayed ties within the team, Na'Vi decided to bench CTZN until the end of his contract. His replacement on the team will be announced next month ahead of their next game on March 23rd against Team Empire.

February 17th: Team Secret Signs jNSzki Permanently

After having trialed former G2 Esports and ENCE eSports player, Joonas "jNSzki" Savolainen, Team Secret has now permanently signed the player after having finished second to BDS Esport in the Six Invitational 2020 EU Qualifier with him.


And so, that's every change within the European region of the Pro League so far in this transfer period. Check back here for more updates over the coming days!