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NA Transfers: Latest Updates - Mid Season 10

UPDATE: Gomfi and SlebbeN Finally Able to Compete in Pro League.

NA Transfers: Latest Updates - Mid Season 10

As SiegeGG’s hub for all roster changes in the transfer window during the Season 10 mid-season transfer period, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check back here to keep up to date with all upcoming changes in the North American region and keep up to date with the other regions on the EUAPAC, and LATAM threads.

Summary of Changes So Far

Susquehanna Soniqs - Avian and GhxsT dropped, SlebbeN and Gomfi join, Slebben and Gomfi unable to play, Avian and Ghxst sub in, Gomfi and Slebben Finally Able to Compete in Pro League

Team SoloMid - b1ologic leaves, Jarvis and Gotcha join

Evil Geniuses - Gotcha leaves, Canadian moves to Spacestation Gaming, Modigga his successor

Spacestation Gaming - Canadian replaces Chala

Rogue - Reaper Replaces Ranger as Head Coach

Luminosity Gaming - PiXeL kicked, Factor joins

Roster Changes

October 2nd: Gomfi and SlebbeN Able to play in the Pro League Tonight

Almost 9 days and 2 play days later, the European duo of Gomfi and Slebben have finally secured the required visa by ESL to participate in North American Pro League. They will make their debut tonight vs Team Reciprocity in the third game of the night. 

October 2nd: "Gotcha replaces Jarvis on TSM's Starting Lineup"

As announced via a Reddit post here, Sam "Jarvis" Jarvis has been benched by Team SoloMid to be replaced for the rest of the season by their coach, Aaron "Gotcha" Chung, starting with their game against DarkZero tonight.

The official announcement of the change via Reddit

September 23rd: Factor Joins Luminosity Gaming

The ex-player for Rise Gaming of Abdullah "Factor" Rihan has joined Luminosity Gaming to replace the departed player of PiXeL just before the team's first game back after the mid-season break.

September 23th: Gomfi and Slebben unable to play in Pro League until further notice

Just hours before the Susquehanna Soniqs made their debut in the second half of North America's Pro League Season 10, they have announced that ESL has informed them that Gomfi and Slebben won't be able to play with the team until the get the needed documentation in order to "avoid non-dedicated participants coming to a country for a short time just to play and then go back." (per ESL's statement)

A few minutes after the news broke out, Seth "Supr" Hoffman put out a Twitlonger stating that 

We went to ESL with this information, also informing them that Gomfi and Slebben currently have 3 month VISA's, which cover the course of the remainder of the season, and that under United States Law they are legally allowed to participate in the season. We also informed ESL that each player has a 2 year contract with the Soniqs, that we, up to this point, have invested $15,000 in acquiring our players 2 year P1 Visa's, and provided ESL with lease agreements to show they have a residence in the United States in an effort to further show proof that this is obviously not an attempt at a quick fix region hop and that we are committed to these players long term.

Unfortunately, gomfi and Slebben won't be able to make their debuts in North American Pro League tonight while Avian and Ghxst will have to sub in until this situation is resolved.

Following up on the situation, Darren "Tribizzle" Moore Susquehanna Soniqs' General Manager has posted a Twitlonger to further explain their posture on the situation.


September 12th: PiXeL Kicked from Luminosity Gaming

After three months on the roster, Muteeb "PiXeL" Chaudary has left Luminosity Gaming.

After two seasons playing in the Challenger League on Vicious Gaming and Elevate, PiXeL managed to break into the top tier of competitive play to replace Drip (previously known as Yardy) in '92 Dream Team 15 days before they were to be acquired by the Luminosity Gaming organisation. Since then the roster has achieved a 3-2-2 win-draw-loss record with victories against Reciprocity, DarkZero and Team SoloMid to push them up to fourth place in the Pro League standings.

Most recently, the roster attended the DreamHack Montreal Minor in which the team went out early following defeats to Team Liquid and BDS Esports with PiXeL averaging a 0.61 rating across the games leading to him being dropped. Luminosity's next game is against Team SoloMid in four days time when their new fifth player will debut on the team.

September 2nd: Reaper Replaces Ranger as Rogue's Head Coach

After well over two years with the roster, Tristan "Ranger" Pehrson's journey with the Rogue roster has come to an end after a disappointing showing at the Six Major Raleigh in what seems to be the last of the changes for the major teams. Replacing him in the head coach role will be recently signed analyst, Reaper.

In a long Twitlonger, Ranger thanked all of the players at Rogue and made sure to point out that he does not "have any bad blood with anyone on the team". He will now be looking for new coaching opportunities, while casting some offstage matches at the upcoming DreamHack Montreal 2019 tournament, and will also be putting out more content as he used to prior to signing with the Rogue roster back in 2017 when they were known as Vertical Gaming. 

September 1st: Jarvis Signs With Team SoloMid

Former DarkZero Esports player Sam “Jarvis” Jarvis has signed with Team SoloMid (TSM) after Khalil “b1ologic” Pleas left the team slightly over a week ago citing personal issues. Jarvis himself had last been on a Pro League squad until the end of Season 9, having been part of DarkZero Esports.

Jarvis had started his career with OrglessGG in Season 3, later signed by Most Wanted eSports, and had made it to the Finals but lost to Playing Ducks in the semi-finals. A move to Ominous had then followed in Season 4, and then Continuum (now Evil Geniuses) in Season 5, but poor finishes meant that his teams did not make it to the Finals each time.

Jarvis with SK Gaming at DreamHack Montreal 2018

Then joining Flipsid3 Tactics in Season 6, his team was nearly relegated but survived in the Pro League for Season 7, whereupon they were signed by SK Gaming. This was then followed up by a much better joint-third place finish in the season, after which his team participated in their first LAN together at DreamHack Montreal, finishing in fourth place. Season 8 saw their results improve slightly as well, as they finished in third, before DarkZero Esports were happy to take Jarvis and his team off SK Gaming’s books for Season 9.

Jarvis then finally made it to his second-ever Pro League Finals after DarkZero had finished in second place in North America, but were swiftly defeated 2-0 by eventual champions Team Empire, prompting DarkZero to drop Jarvis in favour of Paul “Hyper” Kontopanagiotis. Jarvis then joined Leftovers, a team formed in the same vein as Elephant Gang (now Susquehanna Soniqs) with all ex-Pro League players, but only made it as far as fourth in the North American qualifier for the Six Major Raleigh, first losing Team Reciprocity and then Spacestation Gaming.

Team SoloMid's Six Major Raleigh roster -- From L: Merc, Achieved, b1ologic (now no longer with the team), Beaulo, Pojoman

Now, Jarvis marks his return to the Pro League with Team SoloMid, rejoining his former DarkZero Esports teammate Owen “Pojoman” Mitura, who had himself made the transition back to a playing role after having joined TSM first as a coach. TSM has also signed former Evil Geniuses coach Aaron “Gotcha” Chung as Pojoman’s replacement, with Tommy “Krusher” Samuel now either a substitute or soon to be let go.

TSM have been playing well outside of the Pro League of late, luxuriating in the Best-of-Threes in the Six Major North American qualifier, securing their qualification, and then at the Six Major itself, where they were just one of two North American teams to make it to the playoffs, nearly defeating Team Empire and actually beating NORA-Rengo and MIBR in the group stages, but then losing to G2 Esports in the quarter-finals.

Catch this new-look TSM immediately in action next weekend at DreamHack Montreal 2019, placed in Group C alongside FaZe Clan and the Susquehanna Soniqs, before they return to the North American Pro League to try and salvage their season after finishing the first half in seventh place with just four points.

September 1st: Canadian Leaves Evil Geniuses to Replace Chala at SSG, Modigga his Successor

Third in the North American Pro League currently, it seems that Evil Geniuses' spectacular failure to make it out of the groups at the Six Major Raleigh -- a first in their entire history -- has forced the team into a sea change. After having parted ways with coach Aaron "Gotcha" Chung and manager Peter Chau, the team has announced that team captain Troy "Canadian" Jaroslawski has also left, finding a new home with Spacestation Gaming (SSG).

Gotcha, too, has made his way to another team -- Team SoloMid, in his case -- while Morquis "Modigga" Hribar will be joining Evil Geniuses as Canadian's replacement, with the team yet to confirm a new coach or manager. Over in the Spacestation Gaming camp, however, it is Braden "Chala" Davenport who will be making way, with his future also undetermined.

For more, including an interview with Spacestation Gaming coach Justin "Lycan" Woods, read our full article.

September 1st: Susquehanna Soniqs Sign SlebbeN and Gomfi

In what is the first inter-regional transfer of two active Pro League players, the Susquehanna Soniqs have announced the signing of Santino “Gomfi” de Meulenaere and Alex “SlebbeN” Nordlund from European team GiFu eSports. Having let John “Avian” Ackerly and Jason “GhxsT” Luu go exactly a month ago, fans had been anticipating the GiFu duo to move to the United States of America as their replacements for a long while.

Now, though, they will be hoping that the Belgian-Finnish duo of Gomfi and SlebbeN will help power them up the table and onwards to future success. The two join the Soniqs from Finland-based GiFu eSports, who themselves are struggling immensely this season, only having scored one point so far.

Gomfi had become the first non-Finnish player to join the then-ENCE eSports roster back in May 2018, replacing Otto “pannari” Heikkinen, and SlebbeN would join six months later, having the far more unenviable task of replacing Aleksi “UUNO” Työppönen. However, both would clearly be quality players, with Gomfi helping ENCE make it back to the Pro League, and SlebbeN being one of the few bright spots in the team’s Season 9 Pro League campaign that saw them finish in sixth.

For more, including an interview with team captain Seth "supr" Hoffman, read our full article.

August 31st: Gotcha leaves Evil Geniuses, Joins Team SoloMid

UPDATE: Gotcha has since announced that he is joining Team SoloMid as their coach.

With the Six Major Raleigh marking Evil Geniuses’ worst finish at an event or league since Season 5 of the Pro League, the team has decided to make a change as their coach, Aaron “Gotcha” Chung, leaves the team. 

With Gotcha’s move, this makes Evil Geniuses the second North American roster without a coach alongside the Susquehanna Soniqs, who have recently begun looking for one. It is unclear if there will be a replacement for Gotcha announced by the time of DreamHack Montreal, though with a qualification spot to the Six Invitational 2020 on the line, Evil Geniuses will want someone behind the team come next weekend.

For more, read our full article.

August 24th: B1ologic leaves Team SoloMid

Khalil "b1ologic" Pleas has left TSM just over a week after his team were knocked out by G2 Esports during the quarter-finals of the Six Major 2019 in which they were final non-European representative in the competition.

B1ologics began his competitive R6 career at the beginning of Year 2 in which he won the Challenger League during Season 4 before finishing in joint last place in the Pro League during Season 5 on 1nfamy alongside Easilyy, Vandal and Beastly. Since then he has sat in the Challenger League for a number of Seasons before finally winning the Challenger League once again for Season 8 on Excelerate Gaming, now known as Team SoloMid.

Since making it back to the Pro League the team have shown themselves to excel in best-of-three games with their best performances coming during DreamHack Valencia and the Six Major while they have struggled in the best-of-one map Pro League games. With b1ologic's departure, the team will now be in search of a new in-game-leader before their next game at DreamHack Montreal in just over a week against the Susquehanna Soniqs.

August 1st: GhxsT and Avian Removed from the Susquehanna Soniqs' Starting Lineup

Two of Elephant Gang's (now known as the Soniqs) founding members of Jason "GhxsT" Luu and John "Avian" Ackerly have been "removed" from the roster's starting lineup after a dismal first half to the Pro League season.

Avian has been in the R6 scene since Year 1 and has made it to three Pro League Finals and two Majors across a number of rosters; most notably a runners-up finish during the 2017 Six Invitational on eRa Eternity (later known as Rogue). After being dropped from Rogue following the 2018 Six Invitational he formed the Elephant Gang roster to compete in Season 8 of the Challenger League.

Here he joined up with GhxsT who had a much more limited experience of competitive Siege having played just one season of the Challenger League and finishing fourth at DreamHack Austin on Disrupt Gaming. On the Elephant Gang roster they finished Season 8 in second place, just failing to make it to the Pro League, before being acquired by the Susquehanna Soniqs and qualifying for Season 10 of the Pro League.

Now, halfway through Season 10, the Soniqs sit at the bottom of the table with a win against Rogue, a draw versus LG and five defeats to their name with GhxsT and Avian achieving ratings of 1.01 and 0.88, the top and third best on the team. The Soniq's next game will be at DreamHack Montreal on September 6-8th where we will likely see their replacements debut.



And so that's every change within the North American region of the Pro League so far in this transfer period. Check back here for more updates over the coming days!