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Best XDefiant ACR loadout

The best XDefiant ACR loadout dominates matches

For those looking for the upper hand during matches, the best XDefiant ACR loadout is an excellent option to use throughout a match. 

Ubisoft's shooter contains an extensive gun list packed with firepower but the ACR 6.8 stands out from the crowd thanks to its low levels of recoil and moderate rate of fire. With the right attachments equipped, it's very easy to top the scoreboards of any game mode on any of the maps

Keep on reading to find all the intel on the best XDefiant ACR loadout including the strongest attachment combination and class setup.

Best XDefiant ACR loadout

After trying numerous combinations, this is the strongest ACR build to use: 

  • Muzzle: Muzzle Brake
  • Barrel: Stabilizing Barrel
  • Front Rail: Angled Grip
  • Rear Grip: Quick Draw Grip
  • Stock: Precision Stock

Although the ACR 6.8 comes with recoil that's easy to control without any attachments equipped, this combination transforms the assault rifle into a laserbeam making it the perfect choice when locking down specific areas of the map. 

The trio of Muzzle Brake, Angled Grip, and Precision Stock keep horizontal recoil at bay resulting in huge accuracy improvements. Instead of opting for a barrel that increases fire rate, I've selected the Stabilizing barrel to guarantee minimal disruption when firing the ACR 6.8 for a prolonged period.

Lastly, the Quick Draw Grip is the star of the show, providing a 10 percent improvement in sprint-shoot time and ADS speed making the rifle slightly more agile in those hectic close-range battles.

Best XDefiant ACR class setup

Once the best ACR attachments are ready for battle, it's time to focus on the rest of the build and what other advantages can be had.

Most pistols work well in XDefiant but I found I had the most success with the 686 Magnum equipped with the Muzzle Booster and Quick Draw Grip. The revolver is perfect for some additional mid-range firepower and can also compete against submachine gunners in close-quarters combat.

For equipment, the Sticky Grenade is an excellent choice for clearing objectives and also guarantees a kill when stuck to an opponent. 

There you have it, that's all there is to know about the best XDefiant ACR loadout. For more, check out the latest Season 1 information along with the best controller settings to suit all styles of play.

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