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Update: Decision to play Charlotte/Mexico matches online reversed, all matches to be played on previous day's build

The decision was reverted in order to preserve competitive integrity

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Ubisoft announced on stream on May 17 the reversion of the decision to allow the three teams playing from Mexico City to connect to the online South-Central US servers for their games.

The prior decision would have meant that the teams in Charlotte would also have to play on the online servers, which would have taken away the benefits of playing with close to no latency on LAN.

The reversion of the decision means that FURIA, w7M esports, and Team oNe will be using VPNs to connect to the LAN-build servers in Charlotte, which gave them approximately 80ms of latency on May 16. Their competitors in Charlotte will continue on LAN with approximately 1ms latency.

The DarkZero Esports vs. w7m esports game that was postponed earlier will now be played next on the Bravo stream.

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