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Ubisoft unveils new Christmas game mode for Rainbow Six Siege called Freeze For All

Freeze For All is Rainbow Six Siege's special Christmas game mode!

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Operation Deep Freeze has got even colder with the release of Freeze For All, a new time-limited game mode for Rainbow Six Siege.

Freeze For All has been deployed today and it will be in Rainbow Six Siege for three weeks. This means that players will be able to play Freeze For All from Dec. 13 to Jan. 5.

Freeze For All

Freeze For All is Operation Deep Freeze's special event. As we head to the end of the year, the game's developers have decided to make it snowy.

In Freeze For All, every operator has different loadouts. There are no attackers or defenders and the rounds are extremely quick.

Compared to previous time-limited events, Freeze For All doesn't allow players to respawn on the map once they are killed. Instead, dead players will be able to throw snow balls to their enemies until the end of the round!

New Map Arctic Workshop

Freeze For All will be played on a new map called Arctic Workshop. This is a special edition of the map Hereford Base.

Rainbow Six Siege's developers have added tones of snow, Christmas lights, and more, to make it look as Christmasy as possible!

New Bundles

Freeze For All includes new Christmas Bundles to Rainbow Six Siege, which will be available for Ace, Jäger, and Flores. At the same time, players will have access to other Christmas Bundles, including Thorn and Vigil's bundles released during Snow Brawl!

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