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Rainbow Six Siege releases special Rengoku Event universal skin Battlefield Spirit

A new universal skin has dropped in Rainbow Six Siege.

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Earlier today, Rainbow Six Siege released a new limited-time event called Rengoku, which takes place on a modified version of the Skyscraper map. While the gameplay is fun, many players are in it for the new cosmetics.

Just as in previous limited-time events, the Rengoku event includes special bundles. This time the bundles are for Bandit, Capitão, Fuze, Kapkan, Maestro, Osa, Rook, Thunderbird, Twitch, and Zofia.

However, what has caught the eye of the community has been the new Universal Bundle introduced with the Rengoku Event.

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What does the Sentinel Spirit Universal Skin look like in Siege?

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Rengoku's Battlefield Spirit Bundle is the latest sensation in the game. Rainbow Six Siege skins themed around Asian aesthetics do well in the game, with Blood Orchid universal skins or the Elevate's anime bundle being the best examples.

This one is no exception. According to the weapon's official description, the design is "inspired by your ancestors." By purchasing the bundle you will get the universal skin Battlefield Spirit, a special charm, the universal attachment skin Sentinel Spirit, and a special operator background.

How can I get the Sentinel Spirit skin in Rainbow Six Siege?

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There are various ways to get the Sentinel Spirit skin.

First, you can try purchasing the Rengoku Packs. These include 40 exclusive cosmetics, so the chances of getting the skin are very slim. Keep in mind that every player is awarded a Rengoku Pack for just logging in to the game, so maybe one is enough for you!

The Rengoku Packs price is also quite expensive. Here are the prices:

  • 1 Pack: 300 R6 Credits or 12,500 Renown
  • 4 Packs: 1,200 R6 Credits or 50,000 Renown
  • 8 Packs: 2,400 R6 Credits or 100,000 Renown
  • 16 Packs: 4,800 R6 Credits or 200,000 Renown
  • 39 Packs: 11,700 R6 Credits or 487,500 Renown

Looking at the prices, you probably shouldn't buy the Rengoku Packs if you only want to have the event's universal skin.

Secondly, you can purchase the Battlefield Spirit bundle. It can only be purchased with R6 Credits. The price of the full bundle is 1,680 R6 Credits. We recommend you go to the shop and buy the bundle if you really want the skin.

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