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What are the best R6 Share skins?

These are the best R6 Share skins.

Rainbow Six Siege has plenty of cosmetics to choose from — you just have to spend some time exploring the in-game store! However, this might be more difficult than it seems. The in-game store is large, there are many kinds of bundles and skins, and many sections to explore. 

If that's the case, our advice is going straight to the R6 Share skins section. Some of the best skins can be found there, including many original, bright, and colorful designs. 

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What is R6 Share?

R6 Share is a Ubisoft program launched to support the esports scene. Easy as that. The designs introduced in the program are appealing not just for the esports fans but also for those that don't follow the competitive scene. 

With more than 40 teams to choose from, we are sure there's at least one design you will like! 

How much does a R6 Share skin cost?

R6 Share weapon skins usually cost 300 R6 Credits, which can only be obtained by spending real money. The price will increase depending on if you buy a charm, a uniform, headgear, or a full bundle. 

Meanwhile, bundles can cost more than 1,000 R6 Credits, with the price depending on if you have a Premium Battle Pass or not. Remember that a Premium Battle Pass will give you a 10% discount!

What are the best R6 Share skins?

There's no accounting for taste. However, we have chosen six R6 Share skins that we think stand out from the rest. 

Spacestation Gaming

Spacestation Gaming's bundles are some of the best in the game. However, the team's bundle introduced to the game in 2023 is potentially their best one.

Pittsburgh Knights

The Pittsburgh Knights' skins have always left everyone open-mouthed. Their skins are quite unique, and golden, with logos or drawings that perfectly represent the team. Also, the skins are equipped with some of the most-used guns in the game. 

w7m esports

W7M's design is also a really good one. Smoke's and Mute's SMG-11 is a very well-known weapon in Siege, especially in Brazil. Many Brazilian players stand out for their ability to control this gun. This pink and white gun skin is a unique way to celebrate that. 

DarkZero Esports

DarkZero Esports are known for the amount of content the team creates. In the game, DZ is also know for its skins. Lesion's skin is one of the most used for the defender, while Iana's is also a very popular one. 


If you like anime, you must grab this skin. Pink, black, and yellow shades, and an anime girl are in this skin. What else could you ask for? Also, Elevate's squad has upset some great teams at the Six Invitational 2022, so it's a nice way to honor the team! 

CYCLOPS athlete gaming

CAG's skin for Zofia is far away from being labeled as one of the best in the game. That's not the case for Mozzie's gun. This skin is special, and the Japanese kanjis are the names of the players in the team. White, blue, red, and orange unite to create one of the best skins this game has ever seen. 

These are just our favorite skins, but there are more in the store! We encourage you to go there, and have a look by yourself!


Beastcoast's skin for Vigil's main weapon was a breath of fresh air for the Rainbow Six Siege community as the South Korean operator didn't have many options. Now, this is arguably the best Vigil skin out there.

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