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Rainbow Six Siege releases new Tier 1 R6 Share cosmetics

Six new Tier 1 bundles have been included to the R6 Share program.

Banner image: Ubisoft

Earlier this week, Rainbow Six Siege included six new bundles to the R6 Share program. The announcement has created a lot of excitement among Siege fans, as six more teams are getting their unique operator card backgrounds.

On Mar. 15, Rainbow Six Siege released seven Tier 1 skins to the R6 Share program, including organizations like G2 Esports, Team Liquid, and Spacestation Gaming. Now, the Tier 1 list has expanded from seven to thirteen bundles.

Here's a look at this week's additions to the R6 Share program:

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KOI is debuting in the R6 Share program after picking up Rogue's squad following the team's Six Berlin Major win.

The responsible behind KOI's bundle is the Twitter used @MadeByKOOBI, a Siege Community Artist and a Graphic Designer.

It's not his first work included in the R6 Share program, as he had partnered with Astralis to create the team's bundle. Unfortunately, the bundle never made it to the live version of the game, as Astralis left the scene before the cosmetics could be introduced to Rainbow Six Siege.

The best part of KOI's bundle may be the team's operator card background. We expect a lot of players to purchase this in the upcoming days!

Team BDS

The Six Jönköping Major champions are making their return to the R6 Share program. After winning in Sweden, the team had a poor performance at the Six Invitational 2023. Later on, the Frenchmen failed to qualify for the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen.

DarkZero Esports

DarkZero Esports have decided to be represented by Finka this season. The North American squad qualified for the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen but couldn't make it to the competition's Top 8.


Soniqs was the only North American team to qualify for the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen's top four. Unfortunately for the squad, they met in the semi-finals with the eventual champions, w7m esports.

FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan made it to the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen Top 4 after making two changes to the team. Now, the organization is back in the spotlight with a bundle for Zofia, including a gun skin that combines golden, red, and black shades.


Last but not least, Elevate is joining Fnatic and CYCLOPS athlete gaming in the Tier 1 of the R6 Share program. The bundle's operator card background includes Elevate's famous anime girl.

How much does a Tier 1 bundle cost in Rainbow Six Siege?

R6 Share's Tier 1 bundles cost 1,680 R6 Credits. Unfortunately, players can't purchase these bundles with Renown.

If you own the Premium Battle Pass, you will get a 10% discount, lowering the price to 1,512 R6 Credits.

Keep in mind that 50% of the proceeds of each bundle will go to the bundle's team!

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