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Rainbow Six Siege releases new R6 Share skins, including G2 Esports, Team Liquid and Fnatic

New esports bundles have been launched to Rainbow Six Siege!

Rainbow Six Siege has today released seven more team bundles within the R6 Share program! Players can already purchase the new items in the store with R6 Credits. Remember that you can't use Renown to get your hands on these cosmetics.

Moreover, Rainbow Six Siege also re-released the cosmetics following the team's return to the Rainbow Six Siege esports scene.

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New R6 Share skins

Rainbow Six Siege has added the following seven bundles to the game's store:

CYCLOPS athlete gaming

Feel like a kid with the new Cyclops 2023 bundle! After releasing cosmetics for Zofia and Mozzie, the Japanese organization made a bundle for Castle. With vivid colors and children's drawings, this full kit is unique.

Cyclops' gun skin will be for Castle and Pulse's UMP45. The bundle also includes a special operator card background themed by the Japanese brand.


This year, Fnatic has chosen Melusi as the operator to wear their colors in Rainbow Six Siege. Fnatic's special weapon skin for Melusi's MP5 includes the message "spam this static" as a reference to the fans' chant "spam this static to support Fnatic" on the Twitch chat.

Fnatic's bundle also includes a universal operator card background and the Fnatic kit for Melusi.

G2 Esports

After going with Vigil and Aruni, G2 Esports has chosen Azami as the team's new operator in the R6 Share program. Azami is one of the most played operators on defense, hence why it makes sense to think this bundle will be successful.

If you want to represent the colors of the Six Invitational 2023 champions, this may be your best chance! The bundle also includes an operator card background and a complete kit for Azami.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

Ninjas in Pyjamas will be represented by Mute in this new season of the R6 Share program. The Brazilian team will be represented by a new design for the SMG-11, one of the most popular guns in Rainbow Six Siege. 

Ninjas in Pyjamas' newest bundle also includes a kit for Mute and a universal operator card background. What are you waiting for?

Spacestation Gaming

This may be one of the most beautiful bundles in R6 Share. Spacestation Gaming has decided to leave its comfort zone, moving from the team's black and yellow design to a more colorful concept.

This new bundle for Lesion will represent Spacestation Gaming's new squad for the North America League 2023. It also includes a universal operator card background.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid hasn't changed their style much. Once again, the team has decided to create a blue-and-white bundle for one Rainbow Six Siege operator.

This time, Team Liquid has decided to go with Twitch. The French operator will represent the blue cavalry in 2023. The bundle includes a gun for the F2, a kit for Twitch, and a universal card background.

Team Secret

Last but not least, Team Secret has decided to go with Buck. This is the first time since cowana Gaming that an R6 Share team has chosen the Canadian operator.

The Team Secret bundle will include a gun skin for Buck's C8-SPW, a uniform for the Canadian operator, and a universal operator card background.

Will there be more R6 Share skins?

Fortunately, yes! These are not the only T1 R6 Share skins this year. According to the Esports Director at Rainbow Six Siege, Wei Yue, "another wave of R6 Share Tier 1 sets will be released later in the year."

So, stay tuned for what's to come in Rainbow Six Siege!

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