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Rainbow Six Siege fan ranks operators by how realistic their abilities are

Which abilities are possible?

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There is no doubt that the Rainbow Six Siege community is quite passionate about the game. Not only do they create artwork and cosplay about their favorite operators but also very unique tier lists.

Reddit user Key_Complex5380 recently shared a tier list they created based on the realisticness of each operator's abilities. The tiers included:

  • Probably Exists
  • Possible
  • Somewhat
  • Mostly Unrealistic
  • Sci-Fi
  • ???
  • Iana

Here is the full tier list:

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The tier list brought up a lot of interesting debates and discussions regarding the operators' abilities. While Rainbow Six Siege is aesthetically a very serious and realistic shooter, there are clearly some questionable elements.

One Rainbow Six Siege player questioned why Monty wasn't higher up on the list since having a full-body shield isn't that crazy. But a Rook main responded that Monty's shield isn't completely realistic since it's retractable. A full-sized body shield would be "heavy" and "unwieldy," making it quite difficult to also be retractable.

Another pointed out that Flores' drones do exist in real life. But the OP noted that his drone is not destructible in most instances. Then there's Pulse's HB-5 Cardiac Sensor which some fans argued could be realistic. But another responded that a heartbeat sensor that can see a moving target through a solid wall with gunfights and explosions "just isn't happening."

"I'm pretty sure people can walk quietly. I don't know why Cav is in the Somewhat tier," one Rainbow Six player added.

The response? "She runs silently, that's why."

Nobody, however, disagreed with Iana's Gemini Replicator being the most unrealistic ability of all. A holographic clone that is remote controlled? Yeah, not happening right now.

While many had arguments against the tier list, the beauty of this tier list is that it's merely speculation and created a lot of passionate discussion about the operators and abilities in Rainbow Six Siege. So which parts do you agree with? Which parts would you change?

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