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BR6 Week 3 Key Takeaways: w7m esports soar through tough weekend, field bunches up below them

Team Liquid and NiP are still in the hunt for a Berlin Major appearance.

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Image: Leo Sang

Perfect weekend for w7m esports

On paper, w7m esports were in for a tough weekend in the Brasileirao, but they have come up as the best side in the league this weekend.

The Brazilians absolutely smashed their opponents, Black Dragons and Ninjas in Pyjamas, by 7-1 and 7-2 scorelines, climbing to the top of the standings with 15 points.

As a result, w7m esports have virtually locked in a spot in this stage’s Copa Elite Six.

At this point, it is also worth noting w7m esports superiority in the overall standings. The Stage 1 breakout team leads with 38 points and an insane round difference of +52 in the combined standings from Stage 1 and 2.

Black Dragons and Team oNe fall apart

Leading the standings before this weekend’s matches, both Black Dragons and Team oNe couldn’t win either of two their games each and slid to third and fourth, respectively, just two points away from fifth.

Both teams got just one point this weekend, as MIBR defeated Team oNe in overtime, while 00 Nation defeated Black Dragons in maximum overtime. In that latter game, Vinicius “Patoxy” Lima finished with 20 kills and six entry kills, but could not get his team the win.

Although both BD and oNe are heading to the final week of action inside the top four, they will face each other on the final day of competition. The possibility of one of them falling off the top four then is very real.

Just a flash in the pan for Ninjas in Pyjamas

After a great weekend with victories over 00 Nation and INTZ, Ninjas in Pyjamas’ hopes to qualify for the Berlin Major were beginning to come alive again.

But though Ninjas in Pyjamas have definitely shown improvement, they are still far from the top four. This weekend, the roster’s situation got even more difficult after defeats against FaZe Clan and w7m esports.

Heading into the final week of competition, Ninjas in Pyjamas are five points away from the top four – with just nine points to be played for.

Gabriel “pino” Fernandes improved his entry numbers after this weekend’s performances, now being at 21-9 after just six matches played and will need to keep his form up for his team to have any hope.

Is Team Liquid still in the race?

Team Liquid’s weekend started in the worst way possible as the roster lost against FURIA Esports.

However, there’s still some hope for the Charlotte Major semifinalists after their victory against Team oNe and the other results at the top of the standings. The match featured a splendid performance from the team’s IGL Gabriel “AsK” Santos, who led the team when it mattered the most and kept his team in the hunt for a Berlin appearance.

Liquid’s duo Luccas “Paluh” Molina and André “NESWKGA” Oliveira were the lowest rated players in the team’s victory, however. It’s going to be vital for them to get back to their usual form as the Brasileirao heads to its final week of competition in order to keep destiny in their own hands.

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