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How to slide cancel in Black Ops 6

Does Black Ops 6 feature slide canceling?

Black Ops 6 Adler firing a pistol while riding a motorcycle

Knowing how to slide cancel in Black Ops 6 is going to be extremely useful for those looking to utilize movement to gain the upper hand during matches.

Black Ops 6 features Omnimovement, a brand-new system allowing players to dive, sprint, and slide in any direction making their Operators feel more human when navigating the maps, single-player campaign, and zombies mode.

With that said, find everything there is to know about slide canceling in Black Ops 6 using our guide.

Does Black Ops 6 have slide canceling?

Although Treyarch hasn't confirmed the presence of slide canceling in Black Ops 6, we expect it to feature heavily as players look to outwit the opposition during matches. Slide canceling has been present in recent Call of Duty titles and considering its popularity,

COD Next 2024 will show Black Ops 6 multiplayer in action with a wealth of content creators loading into the game for the first time. Once we see any signs of slide canceling in action, we'll update the guide with the latest information.

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How to slide cancel in Black Ops 6

The button combination required to slide cancel in Black Ops 6 will likely be the same as in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. With that said, here's what players need to do to cancel a slide.

  • Start a Tac Sprint
  • Press Crouch to begin a slide
  • Press Jump to cancel the slide
  • Immediately aim down sights after the slide is canceled

That's all there is to it. We recommend jumping into a private match to practice the mechanic before attempting to outplay the opposition during casual and competitive matches.

That's all there is to know about the ability to slide cancel in Black Ops 6. For more, take a look at our guides showcasing the classic prestige feature and a closer look at the confirmed gun list.

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