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Black Ops 6 Omnimovement explained

Black Ops 6 features all-new movement mechanics

Black Ops 6 players sliding and diving with a swimming pool in the background
July 15th, 2024: We've updated our guide with the latest information on what Black Ops 6 Omnimovement has in store.

Mastering Black Ops 6 Omnimovement is bound to give players the upper hand during multiplayer matches.

Treyarch is no stranger to innovation and for Black Ops 6, it will introduce an all-new movement system for players to master alongside an extensive gun list and prestige system to grind through.

Find all there is to know about Black Ops 6 Omnimovement in this guide packed with information.

What is Black Ops 6 Omnimovement?

The Call of Duty blog describes Omnimovement as a "holistic approach to redefining what Black Ops 6 movement really means." Instead of having the ability to sprint forwards, players can sprint, slide, and dive in any direction opening the door for a wealth of movement opportunities.

The additional movement opens the door for smoother ways to move around the map in addition to creating some incredible moments perfect to view in theater mode. The video below shows Omnimovement in action and how it changes the pace of play.

Black Ops 6 Intelligent Movement explained

Alongside the arrival of Omnimovement, Treyarch will introduce Intelligent Movement, a feature that allows players to move with minimal input from a controller or mouse and keyboard. Players can choose to enable or disable the following assists:

  • Crouch assist
  • Mantle assist
  • Sprint assist

With the ability to automate various process including sprinting and mantling, players can customize the settings to suit their style of play perfectly. Want Tac Sprint to start automatically? No problem. Don't want to keep spamming jump to make it over a fence, Let the game do it for you.

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Is slide canceling in Black Ops 6?

With Omnimovement, players should have the ability to slide cancel in any direction which is great news for those who have mastered the mechanic in recent titles.

Omnimovement is an exciting evolution of movement in Call of Duty, opening the doors for incredible plays, increased movement fluidity, and even more ways to outwit the enemy.

That's all there is to know about Black Ops 6 Omnimovement. For more, check out the multiplayer equipment list and whether the game features the dreaded SBMM.

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